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  1. In String Theory, the size of 'Strings' in a hydrogen molecule would be relative in size to the width of human hair to the Milky Way

  2. There was a man who determined such advanced mathematics 100 years ago that it took until recently for the scientific community to understand it, and it is now a part of string theory. He had no college degree and failed out of college because he was too focused on actually doing things.

  3. In 2018, the word 'embiggen' from The Simpsons was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It has been used in research papers on String Theory.

  4. In 1974 he and Professor Keiji Kikkawa of Osaka University published the first paper on string theory in a field form.

  5. Three foremost theories as to what lies beyond the edge of the universe are: the Infinite Expanse Theory, the Dark Flow Theory, and of course, String Theory.

  6. Using string theory, black holes have the potential to be shaped like rings, helices, or even like the planet Saturn, but no one actually knows their true shape.

  7. He dismissed string theory since is not experimentally testable.

  8. Bosonic string theory predicts the existence of 26 spacetime dimensions

  9. To have a chance of grasping the size of the theorised 'string' in string theory, you'd have to imagine that if an atom was expanded to the size of the observable universe, the string would be the size of a tree. (analogy taken from 'through the wormhole)

  10. Monstrous Moonshine a connection between two disparate areas of mathematics discovered via what seemed like a numerical coincidence and proved using theorems from string theory.

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If the observable universe was the size of an atom, then the theoretical ‘string’ in string theory would be the size of a tree.

Theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates, while working on string theory, discovered a mysterious computer code embedded in the equations we use to describe the universe. This is believed to strongly indicate that we live in a computer-generated reality.

Scientist James Gates discovered computer code in string theory. String theory is mathematics studied by scientists attempting to explain reality, and this discovery has led many scientists to believe we are all living in a computer simulation.

The Ancient Egyptians Developed String Theory Thousands of Years Before Hawkins Was Even Born

Dark matter might be gravity from objects in other dimensions. [string theory] [expand the last question]

The Superstring Theory was modeled after the idea, in which everything is made up of vibrations of super-symmetric strings.

One of the foremost physicists behind String Theory apparently proved the existence of God

Godwin's Law, the the theory that the longer a string of internet comments goes, the more likely Hitler or the Holocaust will be referenced.

There's no such thing as extra dimensions, multiverse, supersymetry and string "theory" is bullshit

Modern string theory relies heavily on the concept of 'false vacua,' which are local minima on the energy landscape that appear to be vacuums but are not quite as stable.

Theoretical Professor James Gates, who noted supersymmetric equations of string theory contain some binary codes built in. The codes resemble the self dual 8-bit Hamming code found in our search browsers, also known as error-correcting codes. Theorizing the universe may be a stimulation.

String Theory. It basically says that the "point like particles" like atoms and the like are actually "one dimensional objects" called strings.

Godwin's Law, the theory that the longer a string of internet comments goes, the more likely Hitler or the Holocaust will be referenced.

That, in string theory, the Planck length is the order of magnitude of the oscillating strings that form elementary particles, and shorter lengths do not make physical sense. If a 0.1 mm dot was scaled to the size of the observable universe, Planck length would be a 0.1 mm dot in that universe.