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  1. In 1996 a suburb of Provo Utah accidentally booked Rage Against The Machine and everyone lost their minds. Even though no incident came from it, the City Council enacted an outright ban on concerts.

  2. Boris Yeltsin's faith in communism was shattered after a trip to a grocery store in a Houston suburb in 1989.

  3. Street dogs in Moscow have learnt to take the trains from the suburbs into the city for food during the day, then return to the safer, more comfortable suburbs to sleep at night

  4. There is a suburb in Australia called Surfers Paradise that have "Meter Maids" who are in bikinis and feed expired parking meters to promote the area and preserve goodwill

  5. 80% of N.W.A.'s Straight outta Compton sales were in the suburbs, beyond the boundaries of black neighborhoods.

  6. Los Angeles and its suburbs, home to 19 million people, is the only megacity in the world where mountain lions live side by side with humans.

  7. Emily, a three-year-old cow, escaped from a slaughterhouse in 1995 and wandered the backyards and woods of Boston's suburbs for 40 days. She ran with herds of deer and was given help from residents to evade capture. She was eventually purchased by a "Peace Abbey" on Christmas Eve.

  8. There was once a wild wolf that routinely visited residents of an Alaskan suburb so he could play with the domesticated dogs. The locals named the wild wolf Romeo and the relationship lasted 6 years.

  9. In Wellington New Zealand there are suburbs where it is common to have a private cable car from your garage to your house.

  10. During World War II, Lockheed employed the skills of Disney, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox Studios to disguise one of their production plants to look like an ordinary California suburb from the air.

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Distribution of the foreign population in an Italian suburb (2015)

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Growth of Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs over the past 20 years [764 x 1080]

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Donald Glover (Childish Gambino, Community, Atlanta) grew up in a strict Jehovah's Witness household in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. In high school, he was voted "Most Likely to Write for 'The Simpsons'" — a show that his mother wouldn't allow him to watch.

T.G.I. Friday's began in Manhattan in 1965 as one of the world's first singles bars. It was very successful, in part because 480 stewardesses lived next door to the first location. The restaurant became family-oriented only after expanding to the suburbs.

A suburb of Sydney, Australia installed loudspeakers at a "trouble spot" in a car park to drive away the hooligans by playing Barry Manilow songs.

On June 13, 1978 in a Pennsylvania suburb, Harrisburg middle school attempted to set a Guinness World Record for the largest tug of war game ever played. The results, 70 students lay wounded; five with severed fingertips, and one missing a thumb. Hundreds more faced second-degree burns.

It costs more than double the amount of money per household to provide services to the suburbs than to a more urban area

During a harsh winter the Des Moines suburb of Ankeny, Iowa, used garlic salt to help thaw the roads. Although it worked it reportedly left the snow crews ‘hungry’.

8 Mile Road in Detroit serves as a literal racial dividing line between the predominantly black inner city and the predominantly white suburbs

A woman in my suburb was charged with "assaulting a police officer" after she squirted her own breast milk on said officer.

In 1982 Vincent Chin was beaten to death in a Detroit suburb. The perpetrators were Chrysler plant superintendent Ronald Ebens and his stepson, Michael Nitz. The attack was motivated by U.S. auto manufacturing jobs being lost to Japan, although Chin was Chinese. They served no jail time.

John Denver's 1971 song "Country Roads" was originally a song about Maryland, inspired by a road outside the Washington DC suburbs. Eventually it was decided that "West Virginia" fit better in the chorus.

The house in the suburbs that Monica & Chandler bought in the final season of FRIENDS (2004) filmed at a soundstage, but the view outside was a stock photo taken from the front step of the McAllister house during filming of the movie “Home Alone”. Monica & Chandler bought the McAllister’s house.

In 1971 Dr. R. Wiley Brownlee, the principal of a public school in a Detroit suburb, was tarred and feathered by the members of the Ku Klux Klan for proposing that the school district honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Many historians and economists believe the G.I. Bill was at least partially responsible for the economic boom of the 1950s. It allowed many young veterans to buy homes in the suburbs, start families, and contribute to the American Baby Boom.

It is about 75 miles from downtown Mexico City to downtown Tlaxcala City, but only about half that if you travel from the western border of Tlaxcala state to the western suburbs of Mexico City.

The Germans made it to the suburbs of Moscow by late October 1941, but bad weather and overextended supply lines stopped their advance.

Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, is the 38th largest city in the US, putting it ahead of Miami and Atlanta.

In 2014 the Dallas suburb of Frisco was unable to prosecute a man holding a sign warning about a speed trap down the road, so the city council made standing in the median illegal.

There is an "indigenous" group in the Montreal suburbs, known as the Mikinak. They offer an unrecognized indigenous status for $80, and have been called out as fraudulent by First Nations leaders.

Boeing camouflaged a massive airplane factory against potential bomb attacks during WW2 by constructing a fake suburb on the roof

In Sevran, France, Woman are not allowed to walk the streets and are refused service in bars and restaurants as a result of it becoming a predominantly Muslim suburb

Sweden sought to acquire nuclear weapons, and covertly built reactors for plutonium production. They also used one for district heating in a suburb of Stockholm.

MR. T. bought a mansion in arguably the most elegant suburb of Chicago, then proceeded to cut down over a hundred mature oak trees because. . . "allergies." Angry residents dubbed it, The Lake Forest Chainsaw Massacre."

No one knows for sure of the demographics in the suburbs of France because collecting statistics by ethnicity or religion is illegal. Parisians and tourists rarely visit banlieues, and residents complain that journalists drop in only to report on car burnings and drug shootings

There is a U.S. town that is a suburb of Vancouver, B.C.

The policy of "Red Lining" was enacted in the 1930s through 1960s in the U.S. to preferentially offer easy access home loans to white neighborhoods and discriminated against black and other minorities, largely shaping the suburbs of today.

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Most common words in the names of Chicago-area suburbs

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Heatmap of my location as a college commuter in the Chicago suburbs