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  1. Finland is the strictest country in the world in terms of driving lessons. There are lessons required regarding car maintenance and driving in icy conditions, with learners requiring a test in the summer and another one in the winter.

  2. That, since Romans used daylight and darkness to determine time, an hour was 45 minutes in the winter and 75 in the summer

  3. Ancient Romans didn't measure time in 60-minute hours. An hour was about 45 minutes in winter and 75 minutes in summer.

  4. If Michael Phelps were a country he would be tied for 48th all time for Gold medals (13) and 64th all time for total medals (22). That includes summer and winter games.

  5. By 400 BC Persians had developed a type of building that produces ice in winter and stores it throughout the summer in a hot desert climate

  6. There is an island in Norway that lies at 68° north - well within the Arctic circle - that has an extreme temperature anomaly. Summers are warm and winter temperatures rarely pass below the freezing point.

  7. The direction a ceiling fan spins matters: counterclockwise should be used in the summer to push air from the ceiling down to create a draft and clockwise should be used in the winter to push air up and to the walls to avoid a draft underneath the fan.

  8. Disney's 'A Bug's Life' was inspired by the Aesop fable 'The Ant and the Grasshopper' were the Grasshopper (who has spent all summer singing) begs the Ant for food (who has spent all summer storing it) when winter arrives, but he is refused

  9. The reason traditional Asian roofs curve out at the corners is to allow more light to enter the windows in winter and give more shade in summer.

  10. Only five (5) athletes--three women and two men--have ever won a medal at both the Winter AND Summer Olympic Games. Eddie Eagan, the first to do it, is still the only athlete to win gold in both.

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summer winter fact data chart about Parts of the US that experience the greatest and least tempe
Parts of the US that experience the greatest and least temperature changes between Summer and Winter

summer winter fact data chart about FIXED** Parts of the US that experience the greatest and lea
FIXED** Parts of the US that experience the greatest and least temperature changes between Summer and Winter

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Besides winter hibernation, there are also species of animals that go into a state of dormancy during the dry and hot summer months. This is called aestivation.

Reindeer eyes change to a blue color in winter to help gather light during the dark arctic months and return to a golden color during the spring and summer.

The idea that suicide is more common during the winter months is actually a myth, rates peak during the spring and summer. Considering depression rates are highest during winter, it's theorized that the relative cheerfulness of spring/summer finally gives people the motivation to commit suicide.

The United States has more gold medals in the Olympics (Summer and Winter) than every individual country's combined medal count except for the former Soviet Union.

Some dog breeds experience "snow nose," a phenomenon that causes dogs to lose pigmentation in their nose during winter due to lack of sunlight. It usually returns to black during summer.

The Eiffel Tower is 6 inches taller in the summer because steel expands in the heat - so climb it in the winter

Oregon state has a lake that drains every winter into a lava tube, turns into a meadow during the spring, and then turns back in to a lake in time for summer

Edward Eagan from Denver, Colorado is the only Olympian to receive gold in both the winter and summer Olympics for bobsled and boxing

In Sweden and Finland, meteorologists use a non-calendar based definition for the seasons based on the temperature. Spring: temperature permanently rises above 0 °C. Summer: above +10 °C. Fall: below +10 °C. Winter: below 0 °C.

A reindeer's eyes change color through the seasons. They’re gold during the summer and blue in the winter.

The Persians would collect ice in the winter and store them in "large insulated underground chambers topped by dome structures" to save them for sweets in the summer.

Because of Uranus’ axial tilt, it “rolls” around the sun like a marble. It’s poles each experience 42 years of light and 42 years of darkness during the summer and winter solstices.

The Romans divided the day into 24 hours. Unlike us, there were always 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. A daylight hour in summer was considerably longer than one in winter.

Despite China spanning five different time zones, the entire country uses the same time: Beijing Time (UTC+8:00). This causes sunrise to come as late as 9 am, during winter, and sunset to come as late as 9 pm, during summer, in certain parts of China.

In 400 BC Iran, Persian engineers had already mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the desert. The ice was brought in during the winters from nearby mountains in bulk amounts, and stored in specially designed, naturally cooled refrigerators, called yakhchal

The Rio Olympics will be the first Summer Olympic Games held completely during winter

Only three nations have participated at every Summer and Winter Olympics: France, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

When invited by a lady to spend a summer's night with her, Benjamin Franklin asked to postpone until winter when nights were longer.

Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year as well as the transition from summer to the cold winter, a time associated with death and with a blurring of the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead

The climate in San Francisco is a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and mild but moist winters.

Bactrian camel has dark brown or yellowish-beige fur. Thick, shaggy winter coat is replaced with sleek coat during the spring to prevent overheating during the summer.

Fruit of lingberry is red, roundish berry filled with numerous seed. Fruit ripens at the end of summer or at the beginning of the autumn and stays on the bush during the winter.

Ceiling fans have two directions - one for summer, and one for winter. Their use can save you up to 40% on air conditioning costs.

Adélie penguin resides on the mainland of Antarctica during the warm summer months and travels to the north and spends winter on the large platforms of ice.

Lemon-scented gum blooms during the spring, summer and winter, depending on the geographic location. Flowers attract bees, butterflies and birds, main pollinators of this species.

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Difference in Average Highest Summer Temp and Average Lowest Winter Temp for 1,385 US Cities

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