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  1. The Japanese bullet train system is equipped with a network of sensitive seismometers. On March 11, 2011, one of the seismometers detected an 8.9 magnitude earthquake 12 seconds before it hit and sent a stop signal to 33 trains. As a result, only one bullet train derailed that day.

  2. Schwarzenegger faked interest in the movie "Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot" to trick Stallone into starring in it. Stallone later called the movie "maybe one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we’ve never seen."

  3. About Tokyo's incredibly efficient recycling systems. All combustible trash is incinerated, the smoke and gasses cleaned before release, and then the left over ash is used as a replacement for clay in the cement used for construction.

  4. Mircosoft included Solitaire in their operating systems to "to soothe people intimidated by the operating system" and introduce users to graphic user interfaces and taught them how to use a mouse.

  5. The US Military still uses 8 inch floppy disks on outdated IBM computers to run the nuclear missile systems. It's because they are incredibly hard to hack. The computers are essentially air-gapped and the old IBM computers are reliable. They could run for another 40 years with spare parts.

  6. Spiders don't have muscles in their legs. They extend them using a system of hydraulics powered by their blood pressure. When they die, spiders' legs curl up because the blood pressure is gone.

  7. A Harvard professor experimented on 22 unwitting students, assaulting their belief systems to see what damage could be caused. One of them became the Unabomber.

  8. Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' was banned in South Africa after schoolchildren started chanting itslyrics to protest an inferior educational system.

  9. About Peter Oakley, known as Geriatric1927 on youtube, he was the most subscribed youtube account in 2006, in his channel he talked about his life experiences, such as growing up in the UK during WW2 and experiencing the British inter-war school system, he passed away in 2014 at 86 years old

  10. Light bulbs in the New York City subway system screw in "backwards" (i.e. with left-handed threads) so people won't steal them to use at home.

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What if Canadians used the Popular Vote system?

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A Visualization of the Closest Star Systems that Contain Planets in the Habitable Zone, and Their Distances from Earth

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Scientists believe there is a 9th planet in our solar system that is roughly 10 times larger than earth. They haven't been able to locate it yet but they know it's there because of its gravitational effects on other objects.

In 1963, a man tore down a wall in his house and noticed an enormous and complex tunnel system behind it. He had rediscovered the ancient underground city Derinkuyu in Turkey.

About "The Whole Shabangs" potato chips, available almost exclusively from US Prison system commissaries. Ex-cons consider these chips to be the best chip out there, and a high-point of their incarceration. Many end up dismayed and disappointed at their lack of availability "on the outside".

The US may have adopted the metric system if pirates hadn’t kidnapped the French scientist sent to help Thomas Jefferson persuade Congress to adopt the system

Measles can cause immune amnesia. When infected with Measles the virus replaces your memory cells with new ones and essentially resets your immune system. You are then not only infected with Measles but are susceptible to infections that you previously had built immunity to.

The wet wipe industry and sewerage companies are fighting over what it means to be “flushable” with the sewerage companies claiming that they had to remove lumps as big as 10 tons from their sewer systems.

About John Draper. He used the whistles found in Cap'n Crunch cereal boxes in the 1960's to bypass phone systems and place free long-distance calls as they played at 2600 Hzs—the perfect tone to commandeer a phone line. His work inspired the founders of Apple.

The most rural post office in the US; the Supai Post Office is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and is serviced by a mule train that takes 2.5 hours to reach it. It services the Havasupai reservation and demonstrates the obligation of the US Postal System to service every community.

The Minneapolis Skyway System, a system of footbridges that connects shops, restaurants, and residential buildings over an area of 80 full city blocks. It allows residents to live, work, and shop without ever leaving the Skyway system.

Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle" was never about the meatpacking industry. Sinclair intended it as a "breaking of human hearts by a system which exploits the labor of men and women for profit".

A man thought he had bladder cancer but he actually had a fully functioning female reproductive system.

A man working at Kmart in the 80s and 90s saved a collection of cassette tapes that were sent from Kmart's corporate office to be played over the in-store speaker system while people shopped. He later digitized the tapes and uploaded them online where they can be heard today.

The alignment of planets in our solar system that allowed us to launch Voyager spacecraft out of our solar system at the speed it went only happens once every 176 years

Omnism, a belief system, is the recognition and respect of all religions; Omnists say that all religions contain truths, but that no one religion offers all that is truth.

In the 1820s a Cherokee named Sequoyah, impressed by European written languages, invented a writing system with 85 characters that was considered superior to the English alphabet. The Cherokee syllabary could be learned in a few weeks and by 1825 the majority of Cherokees could read and write.

The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus is so infectious that one man in Hong Kong infected 183 people in 8 appartment buildings with one horriffic bowel movement, causing a plume of aerosolised faeces to circulate through the ventiltion system and outside on the wind.

Since every baby girl is born with up to two million eggs in her ovaries, a woman who is pregnant with a girl is not only carrying her baby — but also the beginnings of her grandchild, and her diet and lifestyle can impact the make-up of the eggs in the child’s reproductive system.

Akon, a successful artist who won several platinums stopped with music to focus on his humanitarian project "Akon Lighting Africa". This project has installed more than 200.000 solar power systems and are educating people in learning how to use solar power.

Alexa commercials are intentionally muted in the 3,000Hz to 6,000Hz range of the audio spectrum, which tips off the system that the “Alexa” phrase being spoken isn’t in fact a real command and should be ignored

In 1989 a naked man climbed a flagpole at a McDonald's in Anchorage, Alaska. He stretched his arms out and nosedived onto the pavement. There were no drugs in his system, and he has never been identified.

Alcatraz had some of the best food in the federal prison system including chili dogs, butter-drenched potatoes, pork chops, biscuits and gravy & banana pudding because the warden believed “most trouble in prison is caused by bad food.” The prison staff ate the same food as the prisoners.

Alcohol breath is not from the stomach, rather it's from the ethanol diffusing out of the blood in the lungs. Eating food, chewing gum, or vomiting won't help mask how much alcohol is in your system if you're breathalyzed

During WWII, the German army used a radar system called Wotan. The British scientist R.V. Jones figured out how the system worked by assuming that it used a single beam based on the fact that the Germanic god Wotan had only one eye.

The US may have adopted the metric system if pirates hadn't kidnapped Joseph Dombey, the French scientist sent to help Thomas Jefferson persuade Congress to adopt the system.

About 95% of serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract which is lined with a hundred million nerve cells, or neurons, that are influenced by bacteria. The inner workings of the digestive system don’t just help digest food, but also guide moods and emotions.

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Distribution of human population across planets in the solar system

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I visualized the outcome of 173,608 rape cases in the Indian justice system