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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't allowed to dub his own role in Terminator in German, as his accent is considered very rural by German/Austrian standards and it would be too ridiculous to have a death machine from the future come back in time and sound like a hillbilly.

  2. Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead loved to play a particular arcade game at his local bar. When he found out he was terminally ill, the bar owner brought the game machine to Lemmy's apartment so he could keep playing it at home.

  3. In 1986, nurse Sandra Clarke could not stay with a patient who asked her to stay. When she returned, the patient had died alone. In 2001, she was key in starting No One Dies Alone, a program where volunteers sit with terminal patients who have no one else. The program is now world-wide.

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger was not too keen on playing the Terminator in the 1984 film "The Terminator". He wanted to play Kyle Reese, the good guy. When asked about his casting as Terminator, he said "Oh some shit movie I'm doing" and its "Low profile" enough to not damage his career.

  5. A man in California bought a video camera so he could capture behind-the-scenes footage of Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong filming scenes for the Terminator 2 arcade game near his home. Instead he ended up capturing the beating of a motorist: Rodney King

  6. The Terminator's world-famous phrase "Hasta la vista, baby" is translated to "Sayonara, baby" in the Spanish version of the film, to preserve the humorous nature.

  7. About Janet Airlines. A highly classified airline that shuttles military personnel in and out of Area 51. The name stand for 'Just Another Non-Existent Terminal'

  8. A train company invented a way to ship oil without pipelines; bitumen is converted into a solid product and sealed in plastic made from recyclables. The pucks are designed to be transported in regular container cars by train and loaded onto cargo ships at coal terminals. They float too!

  9. Mohamed Bzeek, a Libyan-born Muslim living in Azusa, California, a foster father who takes in only terminally ill children. Bzeek, who has been fostering such children since 1989, is the only foster parent in Los Angeles County who will do this.

  10. In 1957, a terminal cancer patient was given a worthless drug that caused his tumors to “melt like snowballs on a hot stove.” When he found out it was proven worthless, his cancer returned. He was given a placebo version and it went away again. Got truth again and died.

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terminal fact data chart about Dendrogram of Classes Taken in College, with Terminating Nod
Dendrogram of Classes Taken in College, with Terminating Nodes Representing Grade Received

terminal fact data chart about Airports, train stations and ferry terminals spanning the gl
Airports, train stations and ferry terminals spanning the globe

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Down syndrome is practically non-existent in Iceland. Since introducing the screening tests back in the early 2000s, nearly 100% of women whose fetus tested positive ended up terminating the pregnancy. It has resulted in Iceland having one of the lowest rates of Down syndrome in the world.

James Cameron sold the rights to The Terminator for $1 on the condition he could direct the film. He regrets making the decision to sell but he regains the rights back to the franchise in 2019 due to changes in copyright law

Although it sounds incredible that people have survived falls from aircraft as high as 20 000 feet, the extreme height makes little difference as anything above 10 or 12 stories and you've reached terminal velocity. So a fall from 20,000 is no different from a 500 foot fall."

Adam Jones, the guitarist of the rock band TOOL, also worked on makeup and set design for Hollywood blockbuster films such as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Ghostbusters II, and used his background in film to create TOOL's "unique" stop-motion music videos.

During the opening ceremony of Ottawa international Airport’s new terminal in 1959 a USAF F-104 Starfighter did a supersonic flypast. The resulting sonic boom shattered nearly all the glass in the airport and caused significant structural damage, delaying the opening for another year.

In 1981, a 27 year old James Cameron was working as a director on Pirhana II, when he was fired for failing to get a close-up of the lead actress. He then got food poisoning and during his illness had a nightmare about a robot sent from the future to kill him - the idea for The Terminator

Bill Paxton is one of only two actors ever to be killed by an Alien, the Terminator, and a Predator

About Dr Gisella Perl, an inmate and female doctor at Auschwitz. She was instructed to tell Joseph Mengele of any pregnant women, so that he could experiment on them. Instead, she tried to save as many lives as possible by terminating pregnancies, and doing late stage births, without any drugs.

A therapy cat named Oscar predicted the impending death of some 50 terminally ill patients by napping next to them a few hours before they died. After he accurately predicted 25 deaths, staff started calling family members of residents as soon as they discovered him sleeping close to someone

Terminally ill patients in the US may choose to be treated with experimental drugs only passing minimal testing, as covered by the "Right-to-try-Law".

In 1987, a guy bought a lifetime unlimited first class American Airlines ticket for $250,000. He flew over 10,000 flights costing the company $21,000,000. They terminated his ticket in 2008. - fact check

Adidas has a clause in its contract that says they could terminate the deal if the player ‘belonged to any organisation or association which represents the principles of L. Ron Hubbard (i.e Scientology)

Albert Stevens, who in 1945 was misdiagnosed as having terminal cancer and injected with plutonium isotopes as part of a radiation experiment. He survived exposure to the highest known radiation dose in any human and lived for another 20 years.

Over 90% of pregnancies in the United Kingdom and Europe with a diagnosis of Down syndrome are terminated.

A terminally ill 6-year-old boy named Levi Mayhew was offered a gift from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Instead of using it himself he wished a trip to Disneyland for the little girl writing him letters of encouragement. She went to Florida carrying a cutout photo of him on all the rides she could

In preparation for 'Terminator', Arnold Schwarzenegger worked with guns everyday for a month. He practiced weapon stripping and reassembly blindfolded until the motions were automatic. He spent hours at the shooting range practicing with weapons without looking when reloading or cocking.

When faced with a terminal illness, medical professionals, who know the limits of modern medicine, often opt out of life-prolonging treatment

There is a program called No One Dies Alone (NODA) that pairs volunteers with terminally ill patients who have no companions or family to be with them in their final days

When nonpregnant people are asked if they would have a termination if their fetus tested positive for down syndrome 23–33% said yes. When women who screened positive are asked, 89–97% say yes

A man diagnosed with terminal liver cancer used his life savings to have a road built in his home village for tourism and trade instead of trying to beat cancer

C.S. Lewis entered a civil marriage with a woman so she could avoid deportation. Then, after she developed terminal cancer, they eventually fell in love and re-married while she was in the hospital. They were married for three years before she passed away. - fact check

Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $15 million for Terminator 2 and it had a total of 700 words of dialogues which means he was paid $21,429 per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” cost $85,716.

There's a resort near Disney World that is just for kids with terminal illness and their families. There is no waiting list and they won't turn away any child. It was started by a Holocaust survivor.

Steve Harvey once gave a winning Family Feud contestant an additional $25k of his own money after later finding out the contestant was terminally ill and doing everything he could to support his family

Bill Paxton is the only actor to be killed by Alien, Predator and Terminator. - fact check

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terminal fact infographic about Terminal decline rates are highest in the eagle ford and the
Terminal decline rates are highest in the eagle ford and the DJ-Basin | U.S. Shale Oil