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What is Terrence Howard?
  1. Terrence Howard believes 1x1 is really 2 because he uses a type of logic he made up (and patented), while spending hours everyday making models out of plastic and wire which supposedly help prove his theories

  2. Terrence Howard thinks 1x1=2. He has detailed a system called "Terryology" that he believes is "true universal math". For a time he also devoted up to 17 hours a day to cutting up wires and plastic to form building-block-like contraptions he believes will bring truth to the universe.

  3. Actor Terrence Howard believes 1X1=2 and he currently spends many hours a day constructing models or plastic and wire that he says confirm his belief.

  4. Terrence Howard quit the Marvel Franchise after the producers planned to cut his salary by seven million dollars and give the money to Robert Downey Jr.

  5. When Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard as War Machine for "Iron Man 2", then-Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter said nobody would notice because black people all "look the same"

  6. Actor Terrence Howard seriously tried to prove that 1*1=2 using a system of logic he called Terryology

  7. Terrence Howard dropped out of college because he believed 1*1=2, and he started a new math language that he believes will change the world.

  8. Terrence Howard thinks 1x1 = 2, has a secret system called 'Terryology' and spends 17 hours a day making nameless plastic structures

  9. Terrence Howard (Rhodey) did not reprise his role in Iron Man due to his salary being cut and given to Robert Downey Jr

  10. Oscar nominated actor Terrence Howard dropped out of college and created a secret math system because he believes 1x1=2

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Actor Terrence Howard witnessed his father stab a man to death while waiting in line to meet Santa Clause.

Terrence Howard developed his own version of math, called "Terryology," where he believes 1x1=2.

A live dramatic reading of Reservoir Dogs using Black actors: Laurence Fishburne as Mr. White; Terrence Howard as Mr. Blonde; Anthony Mackie as Mr. Pink; Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mr. Orange; Chi McBride as Joe Cabot; Anthony Anderson as Nice Guy Eddie; Common as both Mr. Brown and Officer Nash

In 1971, actor Terrence Howard witnessed his father stab a man to death in an incident now known as the "Santa Line Slaying"

Terrence Howard has his own math theory called Terryology. This includes the ludicrous idea of 1x1=2.

Terrence Howard has his own version of math, called "Terryology," in which he believes 1x1=2.

the actor, Terrence Howard, firmly believes 1 × 1 = 2 and developed his own language of logic (Terryology) to prove this contention.

Terrence Howard Has Been Accused of Beating Up a Woman 6 Times

Actor Terrence Howard's father once stabbed a man to death in self-defense while waiting in line to see a department store Santa. Terrence, who was two at the time, witnessed the entire thing.

Terrence Howard thinks 1x1 = 2, and he used to study engineering. - fact check

Marvel Studios' CEO said that nobody would notice Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2 because, "black people look the same." - fact check

Actor Terrence Howard believes 1x1=2 and has invented his own language called Terryology to prove his logic

Terrence Howard doesn't believe that 1x1 = 1, and has begun to invent his own language (Terryology) to prove it

Terrence Howard from the TV show Empire has been charged SIX times for assaulting women and said of Chris Brown's attack on Rhianna " It's just life, man. Chris is a great guy."

Hollywood actor Terrence Howard thinks 1 x 1 = 2 and has devised a new form of mathematical logic called "Terryology" that he says will change maths for generations to come

Terrence Howard genuinely believes and strongly defends the notion that 1x1=2 and has a whole host of other issues

Terrence Howard has been convicted of assaulting women six times and is convinced that 1x1=2.

Actor Terrence Howard (Empire, Hustle & Flow) has allegedly punched a number of women in the face.

Actor Terrence Howard watched his father stab a man to death while waiting in line to meet Santa Clause

Terrence Howard, warmachine in Iron Man, does not believe 1x1=1 and is creating a entire new school of mathematics called Terryology that would "cause Pythagoras to lose his mind".

Terrence Howard has discovered 1 x 1 = 2 using a logic system called Terryology that he invented. - fact check

Terrence Howard's salary for starring in the 2005 movie Hustle & Flow was $12,000

Terrence Howard believes 1*1=2 and created his own language called Terryology to keep this "knowledge" secret

About the Santa Line Slaying, an incident that involved Tyrone Howard, father of actor Terrence Howard, stabbing and killing another man while they were waiting to see Santa at a department store in Cleveland.

Marvel executive Isaac Perlmutter wanted to replace Don Cheadle as James Rhodes with Terrence Howard because "black people look the same".