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  1. The reason lead levels in children's blood have dropped 85% in the past thirty years is because of an unknown scientist who fought car companies to end leaded gasoline. He also removed it from paint, suggested its removal from pipes, and campaigned for the removal of lead solder from cans.

  2. Sue Jones-Davies, who portrayed Judith in Monty Python's Life of Brian, later became Mayor of Aberystwyth. She discovered that the town had banned Life of Brian for thirty years, and her first act was to overturn the ban and stage a screening with Terry Jones and Michael Palin

  3. The Steller's sea cow. At up to thirty feet long, it was one of the largest mammals to have ever lived. It was famous among sailors because its meat was delicious and lasted for months without spoiling. Within twenty seven years of its discovery, it was hunted to extinction.

  4. A Nepalese doctor has restored the sight of over 100,000 often poverty-stricken people in the last thirty years across Asia and Africa using a 5 minute procedure and an inexpensive artificial lens

  5. Eddie Vedder wrote 'Jeremy' after reading a brief newspaper article about a 15-year-old boy in Texas who brought a gun to class and shot himself, in front of his teacher and thirty students. Vedder wanted to show how even such a dramatic gesture would only get a few words in the daily news.

  6. That, during the 1960s, many black civil rights protesters from Detroit were 'diagnosed' with schizophrenia (due to their 'hostile' and 'aggressive' behavior) and confined to asylums. Some protesters were locked up for more than thirty years and died in custody

  7. In a 1888, Friedrich Engels wrote that Germany's next war will be a world war, "eight to ten million soldiers will massacre one another" and "the devastations of the Thirty Years’ War" will be "compressed into three or four years, and spread over the whole Continent."

  8. About the town of Kitsault, B.C. which was completely abandoned over thirty years ago... With the power still on.

  9. If a female Great White Shark was born during the filming of Jaws 3D (1983), it would only now be able to start reproducing. Great Whites are estimated to take thirty-three years to reach sexual maturity.

  10. The Steller's sea cow. At up to thirty feet long, it was one of the largest mammals to have ever lived. It was famous among sailors because its meat was reportedly delicious and lasted for months without spoiling. Within twenty seven years of its discovery, it was hunted to extinction.

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2½ years of Tinder history – male in my thirties

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Liechtenstein a nation smaller than the size of Washington D.C. has been accidentally invaded three times in the past thirty years by their neighbor Switzerland.

Kryptos, a sculpture outside of the CIA headquarters with four cryptographic puzzles on it - only three of which have been solved in almost thirty years.

One researcher estimates that with current technology it would take 10,000 automated microscopes thirty years to map the connections between every neuron in a human brain, and 100 million terabytes of disk space to store the data.

During the Thirty Years' War, Count Von Tilly of the imperial army declared that if anyone in Rothenburg ob der Tauber could drink a tank of wine (3.25 liters) in one go, he would spare the town and move on. The mayor of the town obliged, prompting the army to leave.

Both Churchill and Charles de Gaulle considered WW1 and WW2 to be a single conflict, called the Second Thirty Years War

American Revolutionary War officer William Stacy escaped death by burning at the stake because he and his captor were both Freemasons. He also ice-skated thirty miles up a frozen river to warn his sons about a possible Native American attack when he was 56 years old.

The Krupp company, presently known for kitchen appliances, is a 400 year old German Merchant Dynasty, and was a weapons manufacturer from the Thirty Years' War until the end of WWII.

When the King Gustav of Sweden invaded Bavaria during the Thirty Year War, he threatened to burn and sack the city of Munich, but agreed to leave in peace under the condition that the citizens surrender 600,000 barrels of Hofbräuhaus beer.

China has been running the world's largest eugenics program for more than thirty years. The BGI Cognitive Genomics Project is currently doing research which has the potential to allow the IQ within every Chinese family to increase by 5 to 15 IQ points per generation.

Paul Shaffer, best known for being Dave Letterman's sidekick for thirty years, co-wrote "It's Raining Men," and was the first person to drop an f-bomb on SNL.

Jason Earles, who played the brother in "Hannah Montana" was in his thirties for the majority of the show's runtime despite the character being a teenager. He's only sixteen years younger than Billy Ray Cyrus, who played his father.

An Italian man used a chair-device to weigh himself and everything he ate and drank, as well as his urine and feces for thirty years in order to study metabolism.

Alcala's thirty-year career in research included hundreds of scholarly publications in herpetology, marine biology, and other minor related fields, as well as the addition of fifty more species to the known list of reptiles and amphibians.

In 1889, thirty years prior to the 19th Amendment, Wyoming became the first US state to grant women the right to vote. Also, in 1924 the state of Wyoming was the first to elect a female US Governor

There had been a “thirty years war” between Scientology and the IRS. Scientology Won

Although the belligerents were primarily divided along religious lines, there were notable exceptions. Overwhelmingly Catholic France declared war on the Holy Roman Empire in 1635 and Protestant Denmark aligned itself with the Holy Roman Empire in 1643 after being opposed to it in the first part of the war.

The Thirty Years" War was one of the first major wars where muskets were heavily used. Pikemen were also extensively deployed, but knights had been replaced by that time by hussars.

Potatoes became a much more common crop in Germany during the Thirty Years" War. Potatoes had only recently been imported to Germany from the Americas, but necessity made them more popular. Opposing armies often targeted the fields of their enemies, but since potatoes are a root it was much more difficult to destroy potato crops.

The road to Prague was opened when an army of the Catholic League defeated a Bohemian Force at the Battle of White Mountain on November 8, 1620. In addition to having the Bohemians outnumbered, the Catholic force was better equipped and more professional, with more than 2,000 hussars.

The Imperial forces won many early successes, thrusting south into Bohemia and north into Denmark. The thrust into Denmark brought Protestant Sweden into the war again the Holy Roman Empire.

She remained in St Louis for thirty years and it was there that she did her work on nerve growth factor.

Emperor Xiaowu of Ancient China was murdered by his consort when he joked with her, "Based on your age, you should yield your position. I want someone younger." She didn't think it was funny and murdered him in his sleep. She was only thirty years old when this occured.

President William Mckinley was so in love with his wife of thirty years, Ida Saxton Mckinley that the first thing he said after being shot two times in the abdomen by an assassin was, “My wife–be careful, Cortelyou, how you tell her–oh, be careful.” He later died due to the injuries.

During the Thirty Years War military leader Albrecht von Wallenstein would order all dogs and cats to be killed whenever he arrived in a town because he did not like the noises they made

Although technically separate, the Smolensk War (1632-1634) is considered to be a adjunct to the Thirty Years" War. Catholic Poland fought against Protestant Sweden and Orthodox Russia in that war, although it had more to do with land than religion.