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  1. 14-year-old Roman Emperor Elagabalus was a cross-dressing, sex-obsessed torture fiend who may have invented the whoopee cushion. He loosed venomous snakes into gladiatorial crowds and released his pet lions and leopards into banquet halls or the bed chambers of his guests.

  2. Room 101, the torture chamber in George Orwell's 1984, was named after a meeting room at the BBC where Orwell would have to sit through tortuously boring meetings.

  3. Saddam Hussein kept a torture chamber in the basement of the Iraqi mission on the Upper East Side of NYC across the street from Michael Bloomberg's house. People who died there had their bodies mailed back to Iraq in diplomatic shipments.

  4. A woman found out the house she was renting was once a torture and murder chamber used by a serial killer from watching a documentary.

  5. According to legend, Emperor Ashoka of the Maurya Empire built a beautiful palace that was actually a torture chamber which was full of sadistic and cruel instruments of torture. Anyone who entered even by accident, including Ashoka himself, was not allowed to come out alive.

  6. David Parker Ray sound proofed an RV and used it as a torture chamber to murder women

  7. In Ancient India a king created his own version of Buddhist Hell. "Ashoka's Hell was.. an elaborate torture chamber disguised as a beautiful and attractive palace.. anyone entering the palace, even by chance as a visitor, was not allowed to come out alive."

  8. Delphine LaLaurie, a wealthy socialite whose torture chamber included 7 mutilated slaves. Women were chained to beds with their stomachs cut open, & their intestines wrapped about their waists. There were men with their eyeballs poked out & their private parts mutilated among other horrors

  9. An extremely gruesome & sadistic arcade game was released in 1986 called Chiller, wherein the object is to maim, dismember, decapitate, etc. people held in a torture chamber. A toned down version was released as a NES game in 1990.