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  1. Zion National Park is popular with rock climbers. Some of the shorter walls include Prodigal Son, Spaceshot, Moonlight Buttress, and Touchstone.

  2. A touchstone is a dark stone used to identify precious metal alloys. Gold samples could be tested for purity by scraping the sample along the touchstone's surface.

  3. Disney releases the movies they make that are deemed too dark for their brand like "Good Morning, Vietnam" and "Dead Poets Society" under a different name called Touchstone. The Nightmare Before Christmas was originally released under this brand, but was put under theirs after its huge success.

  4. Touchstone Pictures is merely a brand, not a distinct business operation, and does not exist as a separate company from it's owner, The Walt Disney Company; it exists to distribute darker, more adult-themed films

  5. Disney branded The Nightmare Before Christmas under "Touchstone" and not "Disney", over concerns of it being too scary and dark.

  6. Hocus Pocus" was released in July 1993 instead of October due to Disney not wanting it to compete against their other Halloween-themed film, "The Nightmare Before Christmas", which was due for release in October by Touchstone Pictures.

  7. Gold used to be measured in purity by drawing a line on a dark stone, known as a Touchstone, and comparing with samples of known purity visually and chemically

  8. Touchstone Pictures was created by Disney for PG-13 and R-rated films. Ever since then, Disney has released films deemed inappropriate to be released under the Disney label as Touchstone.