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  1. The US has refused to continue funding the nuclear claims tribunal set up to compensate islanders that suffered radiation-related diseases from testing. So far it's paid less than $4 million of a $2.2 billion damage judgement. More than half of the affected islanders have died since.

  2. Canada is the most-sued country by corporations in the developed world, with 63% of cases arising from the implementation of environmental protection or resource management. Free trade tribunals often force the country to overturn the offending legislation.

  3. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was under Martial Law. The government fingerprinted residents, imposed blackouts & curfews, rationed food & gasoline, censored the news and media, censored all mail, and prohibited alcohol. Violations meant punishment without appeal by military tribunals.

  4. In 1967 British philosopher Bertrand Russell organized an international war crimes tribunal that unanimously concluded the U.S Government was guilty of genocide against the people of Vietnam.

  5. A photo of a man stealing a wallet in a store was on the bottom of The Lewiston Tribune on December 14, 2007. Above it was an unrelated photo of a man painting a business. Readers noticed both men were wearing the same clothes. They were identified to be the same person leading to his arrest.

  6. Augustus was never formally declared emperor. He simply ran for election in every branch of government between 32BC-13BC, winning every election. He was simultaneously Consul, Proconsul, Senator, High Priest, Tribune, etc...

  7. Malaysia proposed that the UN Security Council set up an international tribunal to prosecute those deemed responsible for the downing of a Malaysia Airlines Flight. 298 People died over Ukraine when hit by a Russian Anti-Aircraft Rocket in 2014, the resolution was vetoed by Russia.

  8. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were journalist correspondents covering the American Civil War. Marx and Engels contributed dozens of insightful articles for the New York Tribune and, later, for the Viennese Die Presse on political and military issues.

  9. The Club Penguin Times ,the fictional newspaper inside the game Club penguin, was more widely read than the New York Times, Chicago Tribune or the Dallas Morning News.

  10. Because he was a plebian, Antony was able to attain the office "Tribune of the Plebs" on January 1, 49 BC, but was expelled from Rome a week later.

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The Lewiston Tribune once published two pictures on its front page, one of a thief who had stolen a wallet at a store, and the other of a man named Michael Millhouse. Readers quickly recognized that the thief and Millhouse were identical and called the police, who arrested Millhouse for theft.

Auschwitz was a 100% subsidiary of IG Farben (Bayer), who conducted thousands of experiments which lead to the conviction of 24 IG Farben board members and executives on the basis of mass murder, slavery and other crimes by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

A proposed international tribunal to prosecute the perpetrators of the MH17 attack was vetoed by the Russian government, an official declared it "untimely" and "unproductive."

Surratt was tried with seven other co-conspirators in a military tribunal, which began in May 1865.

In 1968, the South Korean government created a secret team of 31 soldiers whose mission was to assassinate Kim Il-sung. 3 years later, their mission was cancelled, the team mutinied and all the members of the unit were shot, committed suicide with hand grenades or executed by military tribunal.

A Supreme Court Justice characterized the Nuremberg *Tribunals* as a "high-grade lynching party"

Two Iranian judges beat up a Swedish judge at the Hague in an ad hoc international tribunal created to settle business disputes between the U.S. and Iran.

Newspapers sympathetic to President Lincoln and the Republican Party, such as the Tribune, were attacked.

John Steinbeck covered World War II as a correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune.

On this date in 1941, the Chicago Tribune dismissed the possibility of war with Japan as impossible, saying, "Even our base at Hawaii is beyond the effective striking power of her fleet."

Publilius Volero, a roman veteran, a former centurion, who refused to serve as a soldier. While being strip naked by the lictors, who intented to whip him, Volero knocked out one of the elite guard and provocked a riot that canceled the draft. The next year he was elected Tribune of the pleb.

The Newspaper article From the Office's episode "Scott's Tots" was actually real, and written by Randy Shemanski of the Scranton Times-Tribune.

The concept of a "veto" was introduced in the Roman senate for use by separate tribunes (officials) to object or forbid legislation that was not in the best interest of the plebeians (common people). To disregard a tribune's veto was punishable by death.

KKK titles include Exalted Cyclops, Goblin, and Grand Magi; they even have a tribunal known as the "Grand Council of Yahoos"

In 1514 a tribunal condemned a revolutionary leader to be eaten alive by his former partners. Those who obeyed were let go without further harm.

Courts and tribunals in New Zealand allow the use of sign language during legal proceedings. This is after the country made the New Zealand Sign Language its third official language after English and Te Reo Māori.

Pol Pot, the man responsible for the Cambodian genocide, was a devoted listener of 'Voice of America', and probably found out that he was being turned into an international tribunal by listening to the show

An international tribunal found the United States government guilt of war crimes and genocide for their actions during the Vietnam War

During the 1863 NY Draft riots, the small staff of the New York Times defended their main office from a a mob of rioters with 2 Gatling guns. The Dissuaded rioting mob in turn decided to attack the undefended New York Tribune HQ.

KKK ranks consists of Grand Cyclops, Exalted Cyclops, Goblins, Grand Giant and even a tribunal known as the "Grand Council of Yahoos"

The attack on Pearl Harbor was later judged to be a war crime at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, also known as the Tokyo Trials because there was no declaration of war or warning before the attack.

No Italian war crimes tribunal took place after WW2 because the British government feared it would benefit the Italian Communist Party. Memory of fascist war crimes was accordingly erased from public discourse during the Cold War era.

In 1970, Roger Ebert wrote the screenplay for Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and in a review for the Chicago Tribune, Gene Siskel gave it 0/4 stars, writing that "Boredom aplenty is provided by a screenplay which for some reason has been turned over to a screenwriting neophyte."

St Mirren were the first and only club to sack legendary football manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Chairman Willie Todd told a tribunal that he possesses “no managerial ability”. He has won more trophies than any other manager in the history of football.

Pink Floyd’s 1968 album “A Saucerful of Secrets” featured superimposed images from the comic Strange Tales #158 including Marvel characters: Dr. Strange and The Living Tribunal.