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  1. When an aggressive schizophrenic man became so violent that formal psychological testing couldn't be done, doctors preformed a CT scan, discovering a brain tumor. They surgically removed it, and he was schizophrenia-free two weeks later.

  2. In 1984, a woman started hearing a voice in her head. The voice told her she had a brain tumor, where the tumor was, and how to treat it. Despite no other symptoms, doctors eventually ordered tests and found a tumor where the voice said it would be.

  3. In 1957, a terminal cancer patient was given a worthless drug that caused his tumors to “melt like snowballs on a hot stove.” When he found out it was proven worthless, his cancer returned. He was given a placebo version and it went away again. Got truth again and died.

  4. A heavily pregnant Moroccan woman was scheduled for a c-section. She fled the hospital after watching another woman die during the procedure. 46 years later she was diagnosed with a tumor. The 'tumor' turned out to be the calcified baby still inside her.

  5. Sam LLoyd, or Ted from Scrubs, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in january which had metastasized from his lungs. Further scans showed that the cancer was also in his liver, spine, and jaw. The news just came weeks after he and his wife received their first child.

  6. Doctor Min Chiu Li was fired from the NIH in the 1950s because he gave chemotherapy to patients even after their tumors appeared to be gone. After firing him, the NIH discovered the long-term survival rates for his patients were far superior to conventional treatments.

  7. Cobie Smulders who played Robin from HIMYM was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which resulted in having surgeries to remove tumors all the meanwhile shooting season 3 of the show.

  8. A woman was successfully was diagnosed in 1984 of brain tumor, after she began hearing unknown voices in her head that told her she needed to have a brain scan.

  9. In 1809, a woman diagnosed with an ovarian tumor rode 60 miles on horseback to see a surgeon who was willing to extract it. It had never been done before out of fear it would kill the patient. After the 22.5 pound tumor was removed from her body without anesthesia, she lived another 32 years.

  10. In 2010 a UK man had chronic hiccups for 2 1/2 years, and was told by doctors it was probably heartburn. A Japanese variety show picked up the story, and in the course of filming, discovered a brain tumor. The tumor was removed, his hiccups went away, and this possibly saved his life.

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Large animals like whales rarely die of cancer as more aggressive tumors grow on the original tumor and destroy it.

Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower shooter, asked for an autopsy to be done after his death to determine what made him kill. The autopsy found a tumor pressing on his amygdala, possibly influencing his actions.

A paedophile had a brain tumor removed and with it, his paedophillic tendencies. When the tumor grew again in the same spot, his paedophile urges grew once more, and disappeared once again after the second growth was surgically removed.

An Austrian man named Adam Ranier was born a dwarf, but due to a tumor, developed acromegaly as an adult and died a giant, 7'8" (2.34 meters) tall. He's the only known person to be both a dwarf and a giant.

Charles Whitman (Texas Tower shooter) asked to have an autopsy after his death to see what caused him to kill. After the autopsy it was discovered that he had a tumor pressing on his brain, which could have been the reason for his shooting.

Comedian Daniel Tosh auctioned props from his show, Tosh.O, to raise funds for a fellow comedian Andy Ritchie with a brain tumor, raising $25,000.Tosh then placed a double-or-nothing bet on a Patriots football game and won, ultimately doubling the money he raised for Andy.

We use the word cancer as a medical diagnosis because Hippocrates thought the tumors looked like crabs

Singer Tammi Terrell, famous for recording and performing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with Marvin Gaye, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 22 after she collapsed on stage into Gaye's arms during a concert. Terrell died at age 24 after eight unsuccessful surgeries to cure her.

The 'Radium Girls' who worked in a factory where they worked with luminescent radium. Not knowing it was dangerous, they oftenpainted it on their lips and teeth for fun. They began to develop radium necrosis, causing their jaws to rot and develop disfiguring tumors, and eventually died.

Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and Dr. Darrell Cass, both pediatric surgeons, removed a baby from a womb to cut out a tumor, placed the baby back and several weeks later the baby was born healthy.

Jamie Livingston. A photographer who took a Polaroid photo everyday from March 31st 1979 until his death on his 41st birthday, October 25th 1997. His photos covered everyday life, including his engagement and marriage, and struggle with a brain tumor. His entire collection is available online

about Adam Rainer. At the age of 18 he was 4 feet tall. He then suffered from a pituitary tumor and grew to 7 feet 2 inches by age 32. He is the only person in history to have been both a dwarf and a giant.

A teacher who developed a brain tumor became a pedophile as a result. When the tumor was removed he returned to normal but then reverted to pedophilia when the tumor regrew

The first documented cases of cancer were found on papyrus manuscripts in Egypt dating back to 3000 BC. In these manuscripts, 8 cases of breast tumors are mentioned that were removed by cauterization with a tool called the fire drill. The writing says about the disease, “There is no treatment.”

In 1950, a disease called Myxomatosis was introduced to rabbits for population control in Australia. It wiped out 500,000,000 rabbits, giving them skin tumors and causing blindness, often killing them within 2 weeks.

Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower shooter, asked for an autopsy in his will to determine what made him kill. The autopsy found a tumor pressing on his amygdala, which controls the fight or flight instinct and possibly influenced his actions.

In the US, you are almost 2x more likely to kill yourself than you are to be killed by someone else. Furthermore, you are 74x more likely to die of heart disease or a malignant tumor than be murdered.

About the possibility of "Hypertumors", when cancer tumor gets so big it itself gets cancer

Actor Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) had a brain tumor removed in the early 2000's; this caused partial facial paralysis for several years.

In 2004, doctors treating a virginal Japanese woman discovered an ovarian tumor that had grown into the form of a doll and had a brain, eye, spinal nerve, ear, teeth, thyroid gland, bone, bone marrow, gut, trachea, and blood vessels.

In 2017 doctors in Japan discovered a tiny brain and skull inside of a 16-year-old girl's ovarian tumor while removing the growth.

The first type of cancer discovered was breast cancer, which was discovered in 1500 BC. The treatment back then was nearly the same as the treatment now, which was to just remove the tumor.

The largest tumor successfully removed from a human patient was a multicystic mass of the right ovary weighing 303 lbs (137.6 kg). The 6-hour operation took place in 1991 at Stanford University Hospital where the patient lay on her side, so as not to be crushed by the 3-ft diameter growth.

There is a kind of tumor that can develop tissues and functional organs, like eyes, torso, hands, teeth and feet.

Clair Engle, a US Senator who was left unable to speak because of a brain tumor. In 1964, when the Senate voted on whether or not to break the filibuster on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he pointed to his eye, signaling his vote in favor of ending the filibuster ("aye").