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  1. The X-Files episode "Home" was so twisted, dark, and disturbing that it only aired on Fox once, was banned from re-runs on the network, and disappeared until the show re-aired on cable channel FX.

  2. There is a mental delusion called "The Truman Show delusion" where patients believed their lives were reality television shows. One traveled to NewYork to check whether the World Trade Center had actually fallen—believing 9/11 attacks to be an elaborate plot twist in his personal story line.

  3. Rod Stirling wrote the screenplay for Planet Of The Apes. The twist ending came from a woman he met at a party who pitched him the "it was earth all along" plot as a Twilight Zone episode. He paid her $500 for the idea.

  4. The Janitor from "Scrubs" was meant to be part of JD's imagination in the first season, as a finale twist if the show was cancelled, which is why he does not interact with any other cast members that season.

  5. Twisted Sister band members never drank, never did drugs, never partied, but kept that quiet to avoid hurting their reputation.

  6. Sean Connery was filming a love scene when his co-star's gangster boyfriend got jealous and pulled a gun on him. Connery grabbed the gun from his hand and twisted the guy's wrist until he ran off the set

  7. There is a mental delusion called The Truman Show delusion where those affected believe their lives are actually reality shows. A patient went to New York to check whether the World Trade Center had fallen believing the 9/11 attacks to be an elaborate plot twist in his personal storyline.

  8. M. Night Shyamalan chose not to work on the Life of Pi movie because he didn't want audiences to suspect a twist.

  9. A 22 year-old Skydiver named Robert Cook saved his student’s life by acting as a human shield. Knowing the plane was in free fall, he calmed the girl by talking to her, wrapped his arms around her and supported her head, before twisting his body mid-crash so that he took the force of impact.

  10. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace do not actually win the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest. We see them walk into her house with the trophy but later when Butch is walking into his apartment a commercial is on, and the faint voice in the commercial says that the trophy was stolen.

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twisted fact data chart about I recorded every hour of my 2018 but plot twist - I gave up
I recorded every hour of my 2018 but plot twist - I gave up by April (and 22)

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When the Beatles were performing 'Twist and Shout' live, John Lennon would change the lyrics to 'I'm pissed with gout', and due to the screaming crowds, no one ever noticed.

The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman was only able to get his comic green-lit because he told Image Comics that there would be a plot twist revealing that the zombie apocalypse was caused by aliens who were using the zombies to weaken humanity's defenses. It was a lie.

Elephants "may show lateral preference when grasping with their trunks: some prefer to twist them to the left, others to the right." Essentially, they can be left or right "trunked"!

During filming of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back the actor playing Darth Vader was instructed to say "Obi-Wan killed your father" instead of "I am your father" in order to hide the secret twist from even the actors until the final movie

In a tragic twist of irony, Karl Marx's grave has an entry fee to view

Gobekli Tepe, a stone age "temple", is decorated with pillars of elaborately carved foxes, lions, spiders, snakes, scorpions & vultures posed to twist & crawl. It predates Stonehenge & the written word by 6,000 years. It extends across 22 Turkish acres. In the 60s it was dismissed as a cemetery.

In 1913, Nebraska outlawed oral sex - in an ironic twist the act that was passed to criminalize oral sex was the 69th act to be passed that year. The act has since been known as "act 69".

While modern child-proof lids were invented in 1967, archaeologists discovered a container nearly 20 years later that was opened using a similar twist-off method. The vessel was found in the Mayan ruins of Río Azul in Guatemala and dated back to 500 BCE. It contained chocolate.

When rabbits hop around in a twisting motion it means they are happy and safe, and that specific action is called a "Binky"

A patent is pending on a "Jar with a Twist" -- a container for dispensing peanut butter and other similar products -- that has a rotating bottom which functions similar to a deodorant stick to bring the contents of the jar up towards the top for easier access.

The Bayanzi tribe of the Congo would execute via decapitation with a twist. While alive, the head of the condemned would be connected to a springy sapling so that when it was cut off, it would be thrown through the air "With the force of a bomb". - fact check

Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

When Alfred Hitchcock got the rights to the novel that originated 'Psycho' he bought all copies to keep the plot twists under wraps

Twisted Sister did 3,000 club perfomances and sold out the Palladium theater in NYC all without a recording contract or radio airplay. No one in the biz would touch them. TS ended up pressing their own albums and before finally getting a deal with a small UK punk label.

Rod Serling, creator and narrator of The Twilight Zone, co-wrote the film adaptation of The Planet of the Apes. He is the one responsible for the famous twist at the end.

A Writer for Futurama Created a New Math Theorem To Explain One of the Show's Plot Twists

That, in 2006, a constitutional amendment came before Florida voters that would require 60% of the vote to amend the state constitution. In a twist of irony, Florida voters approved the amendment, which required all future amendments to get 60% of the vote to pass, with only 57% of the vote.

Sara Forbes Bonetta, a West African who was orphaned, sold into slavery, and in a remarkable twist of events, was liberated from enslavement and became a goddaughter to Queen Victoria.

A study in a Swiss population concluded: a Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil, with a Swiss twist of dairy products, lowers cancer and heart disease risk

Lana Turner's gangster boyfriend pulled a gun on Sean Connery who responded by twisting the gun out of his hand.

Singer Chubby Checker, famous for the song “The Twist”, sued Hewlett-Packard over an app designed to measure penis size called “Chubby Checker” - fact check

A Halligan bar is a forcible entry tool used by firefighters and law enforcement. The Halligan has become the most versatile hand tool to be used for a multitude of fireground tasks. Based on the earlier Kelly tool, the Halligan is a multipurpose tool for prying, twisting, punching, or striking.

There's a haunted house in San Diego that lets you live out a horror movie through hours of unescapable, just bareeely legal torture and horror. TIAL some people have a twisted idea of fun.

Metallica landed their first European headline gig in 1984 due to a mistake by the venue owner in a Dutch village, who gave them top billing over the intended main act Twisted Sister because he was unable to tell how big either band was.

Scientists have twisted radio beams to send data. Transmissions reach speeds of 32 gigibits per second. For reference, 32 gigabits per second is fast enough to transmit more than 10 hour-and-a-half-long HD movies in one second and is 30 times faster than LTE wireless.