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  1. Sweden's tourist association has create a "Call a Swede" phone number which is assigned to random de facto 'ambassadors' with no training or expectations. The goal is to provide an unfiltered view of Swedish life.

  2. All The American Flags on The Moon are Now White Because of The Intense UV Radiation From The Unfiltered Sunlight

  3. Raw unfiltered honey can be almost as pungent as cheese.

  4. "vinegar eels" microscopic round worms that live in raw unfiltered vinegars such as apple cider vinegars and kombucha.

  5. Astronaut suits are white to reflect unfiltered heat from the sun.

  6. Drinking unfiltered coffee (like French press coffee) can raise your cholesterol.

  7. There is a huge new trend of "live water" which is literally unfiltered uncleaned water bottled in fancy glass advertised as "Living spring water is the key to unlocking a perfect micro-biome balance."

  8. There's a company that sells unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water for $36.99 per refill of 2.5 Gallons

  9. All American Flags On the Moon Are Now White Due the Intense Ultraviolet Radiation from the Pure Unfiltered Sunlight

  10. Ron Miscavige, the father of David Miscavige (the leader of Scientology) escaped from a Scientology camp after learning that a Kindle given to him as a gift could access an unfiltered Google. He began to Google things which contradicted the church's teachings.

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Airplane pilots face 2X the risk of skin cancer of the average person for all the unfiltered sunlight that they face in the cockpit.

Cigarette filters make smoking more unhealthy than unfiltered cigarettes due to microscopic glass particle inhalation

Silicon Valley is obsessed with "raw water" which is untreated, unfiltered water.

Drinking unfiltered Hot Dog water helps you lose weight, increase brain function, look younger, [and] increase vitality. It costs $38/bottle.

Cider in America is not alcoholic, and is just another name for unfiltered apple juice. In most other countries it refers to alcohol made from fermented apples, or what Americans refer to as Hard Cider. In Switzerland at the turn of the century, people consumed 28.1 litres each per year.

Drinking unfiltered spring water brings benefits not gained by drinking filtered fluoride water. It makes your natural essence stronger and allows you to have a better sex/emotional life. You can even buy unfiltered spring water in many stores, so it is the better alternative to other water

Chimpanzees enjoy the unfiltered taste of Marlboro Red cigarettes

Showering in normal unfiltered tap water produces chloroform, a known carcinogen.