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  1. I learned that Medal of Honor recipients are entitled to much more than the medal including a $1,300 monthly bonus, 10% retirement raise & may wear their uniform even after they are out of the service.

  2. In 2009, a 14-year-old boy showed up at a Chicago police station in uniform and worked 5 hours of a shift. He allegedly got a police radio, ticket book and rode with an officer for several hours before his identity was realised. He knew procedure due to a "police explorer" program he’d gone to.

  3. After Nike released Air Jordan sneakers in 1985, the NBA banned Michael Jordan from wearing them because it's colours didn't match his team's uniform. Nike supposedly paid the fine of $5000 the NBA charged Jordan each game so he would continue wearing them.

  4. A maximum-security prison in Uganda has a soccer league (run and played by prisoners), with an annual soccer tournament. The tournament is taken very seriously; they have a uniforms, referees, cleats, and a 30-page constitution. The winning team gets prizes such as soap, sugar, and a goat.

  5. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian basketball team couldn't afford to participate in the 1992 Olympics, so the Grateful Dead funded the team's expenses, and the team wore tie-dye uniforms.

  6. The United States Government was in full support of the movie Independence Day [1996] offering real military uniforms and even jets until the film makers refused to remove Area 51 from the movie. The government withdrew all support.

  7. Police officers are blue because they were originally surplus US army uniforms after the civil war

  8. In Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Most of the uniforms, worn by the Nazis in the Berlin book burning scene, are authentic World War II uniforms, and not costumes. A cache of old uniforms was found in Germany, and obtained by Costume Designer Anthony Powell to be used in the film.

  9. Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier take an average of six hours to prepare their uniform. They are also required to memorize 35 pages of information about Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, including the locations of 300 graves and who is buried in each one.

  10. A New Orleans police officer committed an armed robbery murdering a uniformed policeman and two employees of a restaurant in the process. One employee hid in the freezer and was spared; the officer returned to "investigate" the crime, and was identified by the survivor as the shooter

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Public transit + walking isochrones for various cities on uniform scale

uniforms fact data chart about I analyzed player numbers on the World Cup. Numbers 1, 2, 3
I analyzed player numbers on the World Cup. Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 9 are the least diverse, while numbers 21, 22 and 18 are almost uniform.

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In 1946, a black WWII veteran was taking a bus home in uniform, and asked the driver to stop for a bathroom break. The driver called the police, and the local chief of police arrested the man, beat him, and gouged out his eyes with a nightstick. The officer was acquitted by an all-white jury.

White Castle became popular because of public reaction to Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”. To make sure that customers thought their food was clean, the buildings were painted completely white, the interiors were made of stainless steel, and the employees all wore spotless uniforms

In 1919, William Little, an African American soldier who fought in World War I, was lynched because he refused to take off his uniform when he got back home to Blakey, Georgia.

During WWI, cotton was in high demand for the manufacture of uniforms and explosives. For bandages, doctors turned to using sphagnum moss. It can hold up to 22 times its own weight in liquid -- twice as absorptive as cotton. The moss is also antiseptic, making the surrounding environment acidic

The reason why the majority of police uniforms in the U.S. are blue is a result of the civil war. After the war had ended, there was a surplus of blue uniforms which got repurposed for police officers. The color became associated with policing.

A scene in the 1991 film "Frankie and Johnny" called for Al Pacino's character to be surprised after opening a door. In order to elicit genuine surprise, the director arranged for William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, to appear behind the door (out of shot) in full Starfleet uniforms

Ulysses S. Grant's autobiography was sold by 10,000 agents, many of whom were former Union soldiers who canvassed the northern states while wearing their old uniforms. It was a method devised by Mark Twain, the publisher. It made a fortune for Grant's widow, who received a 75% royalty.

President Ulysses S. Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant but changed his name at West Point to avoid having his military uniforms marked with initials "H.U.G."

The former dictator of the Central African Republic, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, forced the nation's school children to buy expensive uniforms from a company he owned. When the children protested, he had 100 of them executed as an example.

The Order of the White Feather. During WW1 women would shame non-uniformed men, giving them a white feather for cowardice. One recipient was George Samson who was on his way in civilian clothes to be awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Gallipoli campaign.

German soldiers in American POW camps dramatically burned their German uniforms after being shown films of the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Mormon prophet Joseph Smith claimed that a race of uniformly 6-foot-tall humans who dressed like Quakers and lived to the age of 1,000 resided on the moon.

Richard Nixon had the Secret Service uniform redesigned to closely resemble that of European palace guards. The "toy soldier" uniforms were universally ridiculed and only used for a few months before being mothballed; after a decade in storage they were sold to an Iowa high school marching band

When worn on deployment, US Flag patches on uniforms are infrared so soldiers can be identified as friendly by others looking through night vision goggles

A man donned Walmart uniform and walked into Walmart pretending to be an employee. There he stole four flat screen TVs and left through the emergency exit without anyone suspecting.

A parking meter official got busted stealing $90,000 in quarters. Bank staff became suspicious because he was regularly depositing large amounts of coins into his personal account while still wearing his parking enforcement uniform.

The gene that was bred into tomatoes by commercial farmers to give them a uniform color had the unintended result of preventing internal sugar reactions that give tomatoes flavor. This mutation (and lack of flavor) has been bred into almost all commercial American tomatoes.

During the Battle of the Bulge, German troops who could speak English were air-dropped behind Allied lines while wearing American uniforms to cause confusion for the Allies

Many German POWs captured by the Allies in WW2 were so horrified by footage of the Holocaust that they burned their uniforms and called on Germany to surrender, and even volunteered to join the fight against the Axis.

The Green Bay Packers are named after the Indian Packing Company, who paid for their first uniforms on the condition the team be named after them.

According to the US Flag Code "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery", and "No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform"

Playing "pink noise" - the sound of uniform static - while sleeping has been found to improve sleep quality and also help memory.

During the Napoleonic wars, a french ship wrecked off the coast of Hartlepool. The only survivor being a Monkey in a french uniform. Since the locals had never seen a Monkey nor a Frenchman before, they concluded the monkey was a french spy and hanged the monkey.

Otto Skorzeny, a Nazi commando during WWII, was tried for war crimes for having worn Allied uniforms to conduct missions behind the lines. He was acquitted after British commandos testified that they did the same during the war and convicting him would have meant an indictment against them.

When the words and the numbers on a check don’t match, the words prevail. This is because the Uniform Commercial Code dictates: “If an instrument contains contradictory terms, typewritten terms prevail over printed terms, handwritten terms prevail over both, and words prevail over numbers.”

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Seaglass Approx. Frequency Distribution by Color. Recovered by me from North Beach in Port Townsend, WA after ten minutes of uniform sampling ofa small area of the aggregate at low