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  1. A man working at Kmart in the 80s and 90s saved a collection of cassette tapes that were sent from Kmart's corporate office to be played over the in-store speaker system while people shopped. He later digitized the tapes and uploaded them online where they can be heard today.

  2. The indie developers of Game Dev Story uploaded a 'cracked' version of their game onto The Pirate Bay. In that version, your company could never succeed because of people pirating your game.

  3. A Dutch student was suspended from school in 2008 after uploading a video showing him slapping his penis against the Taj Mahal. The act of slapping one's penis against an object is called "swaffelen" and was voted word of the year in 2008 in the Netherlands.

  4. Jackie Chan's first movie appearance, Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962), was considered to be a lost film, as no known copies of the film existed. However, this was not the case, as on February 3rd, 2016, the entire movie was suddenly uploaded to YouTube.

  5. When Monty Python started uploading their comedy skits to YouTube so they could be watched legally for free, their DVD sales went up by 16,000%

  6. In 2008 Monty Python decided to start their own Youtube channel. They uploaded HQ videos of their sketches which in only a few days resulted in a 16,000% increase in DVD box set sales.

  7. David Bowie played a huge role in Chris Hadfield's 'Space Oddity' cover from orbit being re-uploaded to YouTube after it was removed by the site for copyright reasons

  8. Bill Gates purchased Leonardo DaVinci's Hammer Codex AKA Codex Leicester for US$30,802,500 then uploaded it to the internet for the everyone to download and read for a measly $20! What a guy.

  9. A web developer went viral after he Rickrolled Vine by breaking their 6 second limit by hacking their code and uploading an entire 3 minute version of Rick Astley's immortal classic - "Never Gonna Give You Up".

  10. In 2008, Prince covered Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella. Someone uploaded a mobile video of it to Youtube. Prince quickly made Youtube remove it. After finding out about the blocking, Radiohead's lead singer Thom Yorke said "Well, tell him to unblock it. It's our song."

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The best day/hour to upload an indie game ( stats) - (Rome-London-Berlin) Time Zone

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The average length of videos uploaded to YouTube since its inception

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4chan tracked down the identity of a cat abuser after the 14 y/o uploaded a video on YouTube resulting in his arrest

Pornhub asked people to stop uploading the Germany vs Brazil match, as their 'public humiliation category is full'.

In 2008, after becoming fed up with people uploading their videos to YouTube, Monty Python started their own channel, uploading HQ versions of their most popular sketches. The move resulted in a 23,000% increase in DVD sales.

Facebook steals billions of views from YouTube by rigging their algorithms, counting views after 3 seconds, and "freebooting," or downloading someone else's copyrighted content and uploading it into Facebook's video player

In April 2008, Prince covered "Creep" at Coachella. This version was captured on a video and uploaded to Youtube. However, it was quickly taken down at Prince's request. After finding out about the blocking, Thom Yorke was quoted as saying: "Well, tell him to unblock it. It's our song."

The parents of the "Charlie Bit Me" video have admitted the only reason they uploaded the video to YouTube was because the size of the video file was too big to be send by email to their family.

Newgrounds was one of the first Web 2.0 sites, where you could upload Flash movies and games and others could rate and review it as early as 2000

The Numa Numa viral video was first uploaded to NewGrounds in 2004 - Youtube did not exist at the time

In 2004 a storage unit that was bought on Storage Wars was found to be full of nude images of Paris Hilton. The unit sold to an entrepreneur who uploaded the images to and charged users $40 per month to access the site

In 2008, after becoming fed up with people uploading their videos to YouTube, Monty Python started their own channel, uploading HQ versions of their most popular sketches. The move resulted in a 23,000% increase in DVD sales.

Over 14,000 high-resolution photos from Apollo missions 7 to 17 have been uploaded to Flickr by a group of enthusiasts, scanned from the original astronauts' camera film magazines.

The band Vulfpeck crowdfunded a free concert tour by uploading an album Sleepify to Spotify and asking their friends to play it on repeat while they slept. The album consisted only of 10 short silent tracks. Before Spotify removed the album the band had made the royalties amounting over $20,000.

An anti-piracy firm Prenda Law has been seeding and uploading movies that they have bought rights to, to bait torrent downloaders and make them pay-out-of-court damages.

Rock Band's program to let artists upload their own material as DLC was called MAGMA, because that's the source of rock.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington, USA has the fastest airport WIFI in the world with download speed of 103.00 Mbps and Upload speed of 155.93 Mbps

Facebook builds shadow profiles of people who never even signed up. They do this from users who upload their contact books, which includes phone numbers, email addresses, nicknames, photos, addresses, notes, and any other info stored in the contact record.

In 2012 the NYPD declared a couple to be "professional agitators" because they filmed videos of police conducting stop-and-frisks and uploaded them to YouTube. Cops posted their mugshots in a stationhouse and warned officers to be on guard against them.

The Keyboard Cat meme video, though uploaded to youtube in 2007, was actually recorded in 1984

Soundcloud was blocked in Turkey in 2014 because a user "haramzadeler" ("bastards" in Turkish) uploaded seven privately recored phonecalls between the now president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, politicians and businessmen, that revealed illegal activity and possible bribery.

YouTube vlogger Charles Trippy aka "CTFxC", has uploaded daily vlogs consecutively for 3,057 days (and still counting), that's 8 years without a missed upload and even has an unbroken Guiness World Record for it.

The Muppets Singing Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the first 1080p videos uploaded to YouTube

That, in 2014, English YouTube star Zoella uploaded a picture to Instagram of a "random man & his dog" on the beach. The "random man" was Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Scientists took the brain of worm and uploaded it into a Lego robot

Nelson Sullivan; a New York resident, who begun vlogging in the early eighties, capturing over 1900 hours of his life, as well as the rise of RuPaul and other notable drag queens. His videos have since been uploaded to YouTube.

It is estimated that over 250 billion digital photos have been uploaded to Facebook since the website was launched.

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