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What is Upvote?
  1. In 2013, a scientific experiment at Hebrew University of Jerusalem found the evidence for something called "Herding effect" - that on sites like Reddit, 1 early upvote would boost the final comment score by an average of 25 Percent by changing perception of how people look at it

  2. If a post has lots of upvotes, you are more inclined to upvote it

  3. Reddit "shadow bans" certain accounts' ability to upvote or downvote

  4. Pressing "A" while viewing a Reddit post upvotes it while pressing "Z" downvotes

  5. Facebook is trying to switch to upvotes and downvotes in their comment sections

  6. The TIL mods will remove posts they deem to be 'misleading', even when they are actually well sourced, generate good discussion, and are upvoted to >4000 by the TIL community

  7. Heroin addiction (and other hard addictions) can be helped with poppy pod tea, memantine, DXM, tianeptine, kratom, and jogging. Please upvote to share this knowledge to those who need it!

  8. The Stephen Hawking AMA actually had more than 72,000 upvotes but due to capping only shows 9000

  9. We broke the upvote record 3 times in just one year, 2014. The old record is 5 years old.

  10. When you post on Reddit actually might affect your upvotes

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upvote fact data chart about The most-upvoted comments in Reddit threads aren't good. The
The most-upvoted comments in Reddit threads aren't good. They're just early

upvote fact data chart about Two Exact Same Post Getting Different Upvotes on Dataisbeaut
Two Exact Same Post Getting Different Upvotes on Dataisbeautiful, One was Hot Post after 2 hours. Is it Luck or Skill that Affects whether a Post is Successful?

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The last time current Reddit CEO Ellen Pao had a comment go positive with upvotes was Dec. 1, 2014, stating that step "2.5" in the orange juice making process was to 'remove pulp'. It received 28 points.

Reddit will upvote any old bollocks if it sounds believable

Death would be a better solution to my sad excuse to life. If you dont want me to kms upvote me to Karma Heaven<3 Also Ainsley Maitland Niles is woke AF

If you try to self promote on Reddit, your link will most likely be deleted even if it gets upvoted a 1000 times! LOL!

If you post an entry on how The Lone Gunmen predicted 9/11 that you'll probably get at least 1000 upvotes; no matter now many times it's been posted before.

The way to get upvotes is by posting in the morning (PT)

Desperate for upvotes, America built thousands of concrete arrows in the early 1900s that can mostly be seen from the sky. took money from the U. S. Government in exchange for changing the 'upvote' algorithm to influence what is seen on the front page.

Downvoting before you upvote, it gives the person you upvoted two karma.

The going rate on purchasing Reddit Upvotes is $1 per upvote - fact check

Buying upvotes is a thing (it don't come cheap either) - fact check

There's a website called Later that tells you the best time to post on Reddit if you are a teenage girl who lives life for upvotes

Reddit rank system is wierd. The link has 60K upvotes. Rice has 14K - fact check

The Pareto principal that dictates that 80% of the upvotes on Reddit are on 20% of the posts.

A startup that makes cards come alive! WOW! Well worth some upvotes don't you agree??

You can write the wrong facts and post the wrong URL and people will still upvote it.

Reddit only keeps track of *posts* you upvote, not *comments*. - fact check

If you have the Reddit Enhancement Suite browser extension, you can click on a post, a hit "Z" to downvote ("A" to upvote) posts from SubReddit's that hide the downvote button.

When a post has 1,000 upvotes, it lists "1,000" and switches to "1k" at 1,001 upvotes

Reddit's 4th most upvoted AMA is by a random user with two penises - beating out (heh) the likes of Elon Musk, Snoop Lion, and Bills Nye, Murray & Gates

The rapper T-Pain wrote a touching tribute to Reddit a year ago. It only has two upvotes. - fact check

There are shameful websites where one can purchase upvotes.

Upvotes on the r/straya sub are the VB logo, downvotes are fosters.

The most upvoted and commented-upon post in all of Reddit history is one that compiles a list of all foods that would taste disgusting if eaten over rice.

Upvotes on text don't mean s**the on text posts!

Upvote infographics

upvote fact infographic about Top 25 Subreddits by Highest Upvoted Post
Top 25 Subreddits by Highest Upvoted Post

upvote fact infographic about A Reddit Post's Upvotes and Downvotes Over Time
A Reddit Post's Upvotes and Downvotes Over Time