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  1. Akon has been leading the charge to power tribal Africa. Gathering over $1 billion from investors to install utilities, such as 100k street lights, in 480 communities in 15 countries. That's $75,000 per village on average. Indirectly creating 5500 jobs.

  2. If college students work while going to college their employers can count up to $5200 of their pay as tuition reimbursement and make that amount tax deductible for the student. Only a few percent of employers utilize this.

  3. The highest paid official of the United States government is Bill Johnson, the chief executive officer of the federally owned power and utilities company, the Tennessee Valley Authority. His annual salary is $5.9 million dollars.

  4. Estonia is the world leader for utilizing an e-government. Citizens are issued an ID, which can be used via a mobile phone to view health records and prescriptions, pay for public transport, view their child's school grades and even vote in elections.

  5. In July 2013, Thailand began planting millions of trees by dropping “seed bombs.” The five-year pilot project utilizes aerial reforestation to boost forest regeneration by 2017.

  6. The makers of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" had to downsize their makeovers due to families not being able to afford utility bills.

  7. Seattle has a "tiny house" village that homeless residents can use to sleep, eat and shower. It costs residents $90 a month to cover utilities, and is designed to help them get back on their feet.

  8. Ancient egyptians used moldy bread as treatment for infected burn wounds, possibly already utilizing the antibiotic effects of molds accidently discovered by Alexander Fleming.

  9. The native americans planted corn, beans, and squash together so that they would benefit eachother. The corn provides a structure for the beans to climb. The beans provide the nitrogen to the soil that the other plants utilize, and the squash spreads along the ground preventing weeds

  10. Two MIT grads are designing a nuclear power plant that can use nuclear waste as a source of fuel, produce 75 times more energy per ton of fuel, and utilize 96% of supplied fuel, vs only 4% used with traditional designs. It will also be virtually accident proof and cheap to build.

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utilization fact data chart about A plot of 10,000 random walkers utilizing Brownian Motion
A plot of 10,000 random walkers utilizing Brownian Motion

utilization fact data chart about The weights at my gym act as a graph for the most commonly u
The weights at my gym act as a graph for the most commonly utilized weight. This is for the standing adjustable cable pulley.

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Finland's current president was in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami. He survived by climbing up an utility pole with his son.

China had plans for the 2008 Olympics to utilize 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns with various chemicals in an attempt to stop rain.

In a poll of 813 UK shoppers, 95% said their top reason for buying organic food was to avoid pesticides, despite the fact that organic farmers can and do indeed utilize pesticides and fungicides to protect their crops.

The native americans planted beans, corn and squash together so that they would benefit eachother . The beans provide the nitrogen to the soil that the other plants utilize. The corn provides a structure for the beans to climb and the squash spreads along the ground preventing weeds.

When Mark Cuban sold his first company for $6M, the first thing he bought was a lifetime American Airlines Ticket for $250,000. After selling his next company for about $6B, he utilized the one-time transfer and gave it to his father.

There is an island in Massachusetts named “No Mans Land”. The island is now an unstaffed animal refuge and is closed to public use due to safety risks from “unexploded ordnance”, as it was previously utilized by the U.S. Navy.

In 1950 'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco by the US military in a germ-warfare simulation and Nuremberg Code violation that utilized the Bay Area's iconic fog to help spread two kinds of bacteria over the city.

The wild bison of Yellowstone National Park have adapted to utilize the local hot springs as bidets to clean the thick fur of their nether regions before mating

The "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum", a sixteenth century medieval atlas with artistic hand drawn eyewitness maps of major world cities. Organized and compiled in the year 1570, it utilized the talent and works of several cartographers. The first traditional "world atlas", it contains 53 maps.

Little Caesar's makes only $.90 profit per $5 pizza. $3.50 goes to the ingredients and packaging while 60 cents for rent, labor and utilities.

After the 2012 earthquake in Italy damaged €110,000,000 worth of Parmigiano cheese, world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura spread the word on social media how to easily make Risotto. As a result, almost all the cheese was utilized and the company didn't have to lay off a single employee.

Tyler Perry’s films are so profitable because he uses his own studios (Tyler Perry Studios), which occupy two former Delta Air Lines affiliated buildings including over 200,000 sq ft. of sets and office space. The Walking Dead also utilizes Tyler Perry Studios to film scenes in The Kingdom.

Victorian era women wore utility belts where they kept all their handy tools. It was called a chatelaine, and was the woman's equivalent of a Swiss army knife, so to speak.

The Yamato 1, the first working prototype boat to use a Magnetohydrodynamic drive (MHD). Built by Mitsibishi, the ship's drive electrifies sea water and utilizes magnetic fields to propel itself. The MHD uses no moving parts.

The Children's Books Co-Authored by Henry Winkler Utilize a Font That Helps Prevent Dyslexics From Flipping the Letters

Using long words doesn't make readers think you're smart. The first psychology paper, reporting on this result was called "Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity"

Switching to a national electricity grid instead of 130 regional grids would save $47 billion yearly and make utilization of solar energy more efficient

3 men escaped from Alcatraz by digging holes in their cells using spoons, accessing an unguarded utility corridor. They climbed onto the roof, down a 50' drainpipe and over two 12' security fences before inflating a makeshift raft and swimming across the Bay. Their bodies have never been found.

Some mustard gas effects, once declassified, allowed the chemicals to be utilized to treat cancer. Mustard gas science is the precursor to chemotherapy.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, was first used as a recreational party drug by Britain's wealthy class in the 1700s before it was ever utilized for medical reasons

After having their houses renovated on the TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", many families have gone into foreclosure due to huge increases in property taxes, and cost of utility bills.

There is an unfinished skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela, that is home to 2,500 squatters. Residents have improvised basic utility services, use motorcycles to travel between the lower floors, and the building has many bodegas and an unlicensed dentist.

Diesel and House Heating Oil are the same fuel. The difference is Heating Oil is dyed red and does not have a road tax applied to it making it cheaper. You can use it in off road machinery but it is illegal to use in a truck or car utilizing public roadways.

Finlands current president survived 2004 tsunami in Thailand by climbing a utility pole with his son.

Batzarro, a "bizarro"-version of Batman that killed his parents, wears his utility belt upside-down, and is the self proclaimed "Worlds Worst Detective". (xpost from r/comicbooks)

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3yrs of my monthly utility cost against avg temperature, UK

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