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  1. Ted Nugent for a month stopped bathing, vomitted on himself, and pooped his pants to get out of being drafted during Vietnam.

  2. The chemical Thioacetone is the world's smelliest substance. It's so bad that, after a lab technician dropped a vial of it, it induced instant vomiting from people in buildings almost 1/2 mile away.

  3. Prolonged usage of Mystique’s blue body paint caused Rebecca Romijn’s vomit to turn blue. She threw up on Hugh Jackman after shooting tequila during their final scenes together in X-Men.

  4. Alcohol breath is not from the stomach, rather it's from the ethanol diffusing out of the blood in the lungs. Eating food, chewing gum, or vomiting won't help mask how much alcohol is in your system if you're breathalyzed

  5. In the 50's NASA recruited Deaf people to research why they didn't get motion sickness. Tests included flights in 'Vomit Comet' and sailing in the rough seas (researchers got violently sick, while Deaf people just played cards happily).

  6. After the first attempt to assassinate Franz Ferdinand failed due to a mistimed bomb, the assassin swallowed a cyanide pill and jumped into the Miljacka River to kill himself. The pill was expired and only induced vomiting and the Miljacka was only 13 cm deep due to the hot, dry summer.

  7. A group is injecting wild rhino horns with a pink dye that is harmless to rhinos but causes vomiting and diarrhea in humans. The goal is to poison illegal rhino horn consumers in order to decrease poaching.

  8. In 1935 a recently-captured shark vomited up a tatooed human arm. When a medical examination of the arm revealed it had not been bitten off by the shark but had been removed from its body in a non-surgical procedure, the focus of the investigation turned to murder.

  9. The first attempt to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand was a complete failure. The bomb bounced off the car, the assassin fled, swallowing a suicide pill then jumping into a nearby river. He could not even get that right, vomiting up the pill and landing in water that was barely ankle-deep.

  10. Angel's Glow, a condition observed in soldiers at the Battle of Shiloh, when their wounds began to glow blue and heal faster. In 2001, a 17yo discovered it was caused by nematode vomit, the beneficial bacterium Photorhabdus luminescens.

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vomitted fact data chart about Forces generated and resulting traces from a Brachiosaurus'
Forces generated and resulting traces from a Brachiosaurus' vomit

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Harvard Associate Professor Dr. Lester Grinspoon tried to prove pot was harmful to get his friend, Carl Sagan, to smoke less. He then wrote a book on the lies behind pot and prompted a study into using THC for chemo associated nausea and vomiting, after seeing results in his son with leukemia.

During the making of "Rocky", Sylvester Stallone asked Earnie Shavers (widely regarded as the hardest puncher in boxing) to punch him for real. After 1 punch, Stallone vomited.

in Japanese, there is a phrase bushu-suru (ブッシュする). In literal terms, this means "to do the bush thing," in reference to a bizarre 1992 incident where George HW Bush fell ill and vomited directly onto the Japanese prime minister.

Hockey goalie Clint Malarchuks throat got slashed by skate during a live NHL game, the injury was so bad that 11 fans fainted, 2 got heart attack and at least 3 players vomited on the ice. The wound was so bad that it needed 300 stiches. Clint was back on ice just a week later.

In World War I, Germans used a non-lethal gas that could penetrate American gas masks and cause vomiting. When soldiers removed their masks to vomit, they were exposed to the fatal gasses already in the air.

A woman collapsed and lay on the floor of a hospital E.R for 45 minutes as hospital staff ignored her. A janitor mopped the floor around her as she vomited blood. She was then arrested by police for causing a disturbance and died on the stretcher.

There were 6 assassins sent to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand and 1 of them threw a bomb that exploded under the wrong car. His assassination failed, he took a cyanide pill and jumped into the river. The pill only induced vomiting and the river was only 13cm deep. He failed at killing himself too

Gagging when we see someone else vomiting is actually an evolved trait among primates. Humans would forage for food in groups. If any member of the group had an adverse reaction due to toxins in the food, it would be advantageous for the other members to take it out of their system too.

Hershey's chocolate is flavored with sour-tasting butyric acid, which also gives vomit its aroma. This is why people unaccustomed to American chocolate sometimes compare it to vomit.

When you get motion sickness, it's the result of your brain being tricked into thinking you have been poisoned. The discrepancy between your body feeling motion but not seeing it causes you to vomit the non-existent neurotoxin or poison

There's a plant in Australia that will make you vomit in pure agony just by touching it. - fact check

In 1935, a shark on display in an Australian aquarium vomited up a human arm, there were no tooth marks anywhere and the limb had been cleanly removed with a blade. The investigation resulted in a man shooting himself in the head before leading police boats on a hours-long chase.

Fulmars, a type of seabird, vomit a putrid fishy oil on their assailants in self-defense. Not only does it smell horrific, but it's lethal to predatory birds because it permanently glues their feathers together.

We produce a lot of saliva just before vomiting in order to protect our teeth from erosion due the acidity of vomit.

Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe had a bet over who could go the longest without showering and still score with groupies. The bet ended after a groupie vomited pasta on Sixx' shoes in the course of fellatio, which inspired the title of the Guns ‘N Roses album The Spaghetti Incident.

Until recently, most perfumes contained a preservative called "ambergris," which is hardened sperm whale vomit. Terrible smelling chunks of ambergris can be found lying on beaches, and are worth tens of thousands of dollars per pound.

Space Adaptation Syndrome, involving nausea and vomiting, vertigo, headaches, lethargy, and overall malaise. 45-75% of all astronauts experience it. It has always resolved within 72 hours.

After U.S. President George H. W. Bush vomited and fainted at a state event in Japan, the Japanese term "Bushu-suru," which literally means "to do the Bush thing," was coined.

DJ Khaled used his baby son Asahd Tuck Khaled's reactions to the sounds to gauge the quality of songs for the album "Grateful" (the baby vomiting indicated best quality), and then had the baby legally declared the album's executive producer.

General Douglas MacArthur earned seven Silver Stars in WWI, vomited on the White House steps, wore a kimono while working at home as Army Chief of Staff, was awarded the very first Purple Heart, was Father of the Year in 1942, and told JFK to not get involved in Vietnam

Motion sickness is due to confusion between perceived movement and actual movement. The brain's conclusion is that one of the senses is hallucinating due to poison ingestion; the brain then induces vomiting to clear the supposed toxin. - fact check

In 1992 George H W Bush vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan then fainted. This resulted in the invention of the phrase "Bushu-suru" meaning "To do the Bush thing" or vomit.

If you develop an aversion to a food you previously loved but vomited up even just one time after eating, that is called the Garcia Effect. This happens even if you know getting sick had nothing to do with the food you ate and instead was due to a virus.

OSHA allows all employees who have not received specific training to refuse cleaning biohazards like vomit, blood, feces, etc.

There is a deadly mushroom called ‘Destroying Angel’. Hours after eating it the victim will experience nausea and vomiting. The following day they may experience the ‘walking ghost’ phase where they feel ok, but the damage done to their cells is irreversible and they will almost certainly perish