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  1. Walter Koenig was one of only two actors to audition for the part of Pavel Chekov on 'Star Trek': "Quite extraordinary. Considering that this has so materially affected the last 35 years of my life ... a couple of hours after I auditioned I heard that I had gotten the role."

  2. Fans have made 10 episodes of ST:TOS "Season 4". Guest stars include Walter Koenig, George Takei, and Denise Crosby.

  3. Several famous science fiction writers contributed scripts to the early seasons of Land of the Lost including Larry Niven, Theodore Sturgeon, Ben Bova, and Norman Spinrad as well as Star Trek writers D.C. Fontana, Walter Koenig, and David Gerrold.

  4. Walter Koenig's (Chekhov of Star Trek lore) father was investigated by the FBI during the Red Scare.

  5. Andrew Koenig (who played Boner on "Growing Pains") is the son of Walter Koenig (who played the original Chekov in "Star Trek") and sadly killed himself.

  6. Walter Koenig (Chekov from Star Trek TOS) wrote at least one episode of Land of the Lost.

  7. Walter Koenig had to wear a shaggy toupee in his first season as Chekhov in Star Trek until his real hair grew out. Reportedly, his mop-topped character was modeled after The Monkees singer Davy Jones in an attempt to lure teenage viewers.

  8. The actor who played Chekov in the original Star Trek (Walter Koenig, 1936-) outlived the actor who played Chekov in the movie reboot (Anton Yelchin 1989-2016).