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What is Wasting Disease?
  1. Valery Spiridonov, a 31 year old man who suffers from Werdnig-Hoffman's - a muscle-wasting disease which has left him in a wheelchair, has volunteered to partake in the world's first head transplant which will take place as early as December of 2017.

  2. Human waste left by climbers on Mount Everest has become a major problem, and is even threatening the spread of disease. Nearly 700 climbers brave the world's tallest peak each season but not all of them dispose of their trash, urine and feces properly.

  3. Complications of diabetes can include kidney failure, blindness, amputation, cardiovascular disease, strokes, numbness, pain, foot problems, muscle wasting, and a decline in cognitive function.

  4. Minamata Disease, a factory waste-induced mercury poisoning that affected the entire living population of a village over 36 years. Earlier symptoms include cats seen "dancing" ominously, which would later be observed on human patients as well.

  5. As chemicals are produced waste is also produced. The waste was discharged in factory waste water into Minamata Bay.

  6. Prions are transmittable through air. Prions are responsible for mad cow and chronic wasting disease in animals, and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, Kuru, and familial fatal insomnia in humans.

  7. Ants are out to pick up their dead family members, the very ants you killed. Ants keep a fairly clean house. They carry their waste matter outside of their nest and dispose of it in a pile called a midden, this is to avoid disease from spreading throughout the colony

  8. Prions, which cause diseases like Chronic Wasting disease and Creudzfedt-Jakob disease, are highly resistant to most forms of sterilization. This includes fire, boiling water, strong acids, strong bases, and the passage of time itself.

  9. Until the mid-1980s, waste tires were considered more of a nuisance and environmental threat than the possible foci of mosquito-borne disease epidemics.

  10. A mysterious waste disease has killed off most of the Ochre Sea Star on the Oregon Coast

What are some fun facts about wasting disease?

Improper handling of industrial wastes in Japan resulted in four large “man-made” disease outbreaks in the early-mid 1900s

About Sea Star Wasting Disease, which decays a sea star into gloop in a matter of days. Researchers believe a densovirus might be responsible for the latest plague, but as yet cannot definitively confirm.

A prion disease called, Chronic wasting disease, is spreading fast among wild deer and elk in North America. CDC is monitoring hunters for any signs of prion disease. It takes years for symptoms to show.

There is a prion disease called Chronic Wasting Disease(CWD) that has been found in deer, elk, reindeer, sika deer and moose in North America. While there have been no reported cases of CWD in people to date, studies raise concerns there may also be a risk to people.

Zombie Deer Disease", a chronic wasting disease, is killing deer in the Upper Midwest and has been reported in at least 24 states. This could infect humans who consume contaminated meat.

About chronic wasting disease in deer. Also known as “zombie deer disease”. Essentially it’s a disease that attack’s the nervous system of the deer, causing them to stop eating, drinking, and essentially become “living corpses”. It’s been shown to be transmitted to monkey who eat infected meat.

Thousands of wild pigs roamed the streets of NYC,providing the only source of “sanitation” by eating the trash & waste. Frequently children were attacked, carriages fell over, pigs held up traffic & eventually outnumbered people-leading to disease & political unrest between upper/lower class.

Deer meat isn't popular in the US because captive deer are a ticking time bomb for chronic wasting disease, a variant of mad-cow, which could spread to other species.

Brain cells "shrink" during sleep, forming a lymphatic system which allows the brain to clear waste such as beta-amyloid, a peptide implicated in the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Japan made four diseases due to improper handling of industrial waste during the 1900s

Due to "starfish wasting disease," up and down the Atlantic, starfish are tearing off their own arms, which then wander away. - fact check

Edwin Chadwick, a man who cared about the poor and made the British government start to take measures to clean public waste out of urban streets and create proper sewers - diminishing cholera and other disease outbreaks.

About Edwin Chadwick, a man wrote a report that made the British government start to take measures to clean public waste out of urban streets and create proper sewers - diminishing cholera and other disease outbreaks.

Sea Stars in the pacific are shedding limbs and then dying from sea star wasting syndrome. At first rising temperatures, oxygen and salinity levels were culprits, and they could still indirectly affect the disease's virulence. In 2014, the main culprit was found--sea star-associated densovirus

A doctor (Dr Sergio Canavero) plans to undertake the first ever head transplant, on a patient with a muscle-wasting disease.

About the 'Triangle of death' near Napoli, Italy. The area has recently experienced increasing deaths caused by cancer and other diseases that exceeds the Italian national average, due to years of illegal toxic waste disposal by the mafia.

Air Pollution Causes Diabetes! It's already bad enough that it causes respiratory diseases but it turns out our smoke belching and factories' waste also causes diabetes. 1 out of 7 get diabetes from air pollution!

About Chronic Waste Disease (CWD), a transmittable infection turning elk, deer and moose into weakened zombies who shun food and instead obsessively seek out urine and feces, ultimately resulting in death. There is no cure or vaccine and it’s unknown whether it can be transmitted to humans.