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  1. Sony sold its waterproof Walkman in a bottle of water to prove it was really waterproof

  2. Paraffin wax was a common waterproofing method for circus tents but changed in 1944 after the Ringling Bros. Fire in Hartford, CT. The paraffin wax ended up accelerating the deadly fire & 1800lbs of hot wax "rained down from the roof"-killing 167 people; injuring 700, mostly women & children.

  3. The TRex animatronic used in the original Jurassic Park movie was not waterproof, and because most of the scenes featuring the TRex had rain in it, the animatronic would malfunction and sometimes move on its own between scenes.

  4. In the movie Cast Away, when asked what was in the FedEx package Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) left unopened, director Robert Zemeckis replied that it was a waterproof, solar-powered satellite phone.

  5. The world's longest-running laboratory experiment "demonstrates the fluidity and high viscosity of pitch, a derivative of tar once used for waterproofing boats." In 1930 pitch was left in a glass funnel to drip out and has only dropped 9 times: about once every 10 years.

  6. A duck's feathers are so waterproof that even when the duck dives underwater, its downy underlayer of feathers will stay completely dry.

  7. In the city of Iruma, Japan keeps track of their elderly citizen who have dementia by having placing a waterproof QR sticker on their fingernails or toenails

  8. Duct Tape was originally called Duck Tape. In WWII, Johnson & Johnson created a waterproof rubber adhesive tape applied to a durable duck cloth backing for use as waterproof sealing tape on ammunition cases: "Duck Tape". Later it was used to seal air ducts in forced-air heating HVAC systems

  9. In 2008, Gordon Ramsay nearly drowned in Iceland after falling off an 85 ft cliff into frigid water. While submerged for approximately 45 seconds, he was able to remove his boots & heavy waterproof clothing in order to resurface & be rescued by his film crew.

  10. Taxi companies in Japan have a service where pregnant women are given priority, and during labor, they receive special treatment like waterproofing the taxi seats in case the water breaks, all without any additional charges.

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Norwegian Forest cat has fluffy semi-long coat that is waterproof and available in various colors (all colors from pure white to pure black, except chocolate and lilac) and patterns (all patterns except pointed, that is typical for Siamese and Himalayan cats). Brown tabby and white coat is the most frequently seen.

At the age of 3 weeks, mothers leave breeding areas and their pups to fend for themselves. Shortly before the age of one month, young grey seals develop adult, waterproof coat and become ready to enter the sea and hunt on their own.

Russian desman is covered with thick, waterproof double fur. Outer coat consists of stiff, long hairs. Soft undercoat consists of short, dense hairs. Fur is brown-reddish on the upper part of the body and grey-colored on the belly.

Chinstrap penguin is covered with dense, waterproof plumage. It has bluish-black plumage on head and back and white plumage on the face and ventral side of the body. Chinstrap penguin has thin, chinstrap-like, black line on the chin which stretches from ear to ear (hence the name).

Turkish Van has long, cashmere-like, single coat that is waterproof. Coat is white-colored and covered with red, cream, blue, black or brown markings on the head and tail. This type of coloration is known as "Van pattern".

Muskrats are covered with thick brown fur that consists of two layers. Outer layer is waterproof.

The exoskeleton of an arthropod is waterproof which makes it possible to survive in harsh conditions.

In 2014, Sony sold their waterproof Walkman in a bottle of water to show that it's waterproof.

Golden Retriever has thick waterproof double coat that can be straight or wavy. Depending on the variety, color of the coat ranges from pale cream to golden-reddish. Coat darkens with age.

Labrador Retriever has thick, waterproof double coat that can be yellow, chocolate or black colored.

Diet of African penguin is based on fish, squid and crustaceans. During the molting period (which lasts 20 days) it loses nearly 50% of body weight because it cannot swim and find food without waterproof feathers.

Airedale Terrier has thick double coat that is waterproof, coarse and wiry. Coat is usually tan with black and reddish markings.

The tradition of a fisherman's slicker being yellow originates from the use of linseed oil to waterproof seamen's capes, the forerunner of the fisherman's slicker, which turned yellow over time.

Beavers are semi-aquatic species, which means that they spend part of their life in the water and part on the ground. Their body is designed for both life styles (water and the ground). Waterproof fur prevents beavers from freezing in the water; their webbed feet serve as fins and flat tail as paddle, which all together provides efficient moving through the water.

Waterproof smartphones exist because Japanese girls love to shower with them

The deepest postbox is 10 meters underwater. It is used by divers in Japan to send waterproof postcards.

Arctic wolf has white-colored, thick double coat which prevents freezing in the extremely cold environment. Inner part of the fur is waterproof.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever has wavy, thick, waterproof coat that can be brown, reddish-brown or yellowish-brown in color.

Condoms are used by the military as multipurpose containers and barriers because they are waterproof, elastic, durable and will not arouse suspicion if found.

Australian Terrier has rough, shaggy, waterproof double coat that can be blue and tan, sandy or red-colored.

Along the way, he invented a means for underwater divers to communicate with the surface by basically waterproofing his existing electromagnetic apparatus.

Jacques Cousteau also helped to create a waterproof camera that would be able to handle the high pressure of being submerged in very deep water.

The London clay north of the Thames is an ideal medium for tunnels, almost waterproof (no seepage) and pressurised with long stand-up time, which is why the London Underground tube network expanded north of the River Thames and not south (where tube level is water-bearing sand and gravel)

90% of all phones in Japan are waterproof and have been that way for more than a decade.

Loon has black head and neck. Body is covered with black and white plumage. Dark grey back and white belly can be seen during the winter. Plumage is oily and waterproof.