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  1. Best Buy used to have a fake internal website that looked exactly like their actual internet website, but with marked up prices, so they could price gouge in-store customers.

  2. Language learning site Duolingo makes its money from having its users practice translating a real-world document (e.g from CNN). Duolingo has contracts these websites to translate stories and is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with this business model.

  3. In 2001, Neopets was the fourth most trafficked website on the internet, 8 spots in front of Google.

  4. The founder of eSnipe, a website that places bids for eBay users during the last seconds of an auction, placed the site for sale in December 2000. The auction was won by an eSnipe user - using eSnipe to place the winning bid.

  5. The website has been used in court cases to define slang words that are not found in dictionaries.

  6. A man named Robert Wiggen, who spent 3 years in prison, started a website that posts mug shots taken from police department websites and makes them easily searchable on sites like Google and then charges money to have the images removed. His own mug shot is absent from the site.

  7. When Michael Jackson died, overall web traffic increased by up to 20%, websites like Twitter and Wikipedia all crashed and Google initially believed they were under DDoS attack. It is seen as an unprecedented moment in the history of the Internet.

  8. Stargate (1994) was the first movie to ever have an official website.

  9. MI6 replaced bomb making instructions with cupcake recipes on al-Qaeda websites

  10. In 2004 Google anonymously posted math equations on billboards in Harvard Square and Silicon Valley that if solved led to a website with another equation, which in turn allowed you to submit your resume.

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websites fact data chart about I created a website to visualize and quantify pros / cons fo
I created a website to visualize and quantify pros / cons for ANY Amazon electronics product, based on its user reviews. It enables readers to go through thousands of reviews in a

websites fact data chart about Mentions of 'recession' in financial news websites headlines
Mentions of 'recession' in financial news websites headlines vs SP500

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Brazil tried to sell an aircraft carrier on eBay, but the auction was removed from the website under rules preventing the sale of military ordnance

Microsoft threatened 17 year old Mike Rowe with a lawsuit after the young man launched a website named

The food company Heinz has apologized after a QR code on a bottle of tomato ketchup directed people to a pornography website.

A proposal and petition on the White House's website to build a Death Star that earned 30K signatures. It would have cost $850 quadrillion, and take 833,000 years. The White House said, "the Administration does not support blowing up planets"

Jimmy Kimmel called out a Gawker writer on live television for publishing false reports that he was drunk in public, telling her, "I know you're an editor. What exactly are you editing from the website?"

Mouserat has a real website where you can still download their songs, including the tribute to lil' Sebastian.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins had so many illegitimate offspring that a website has been set up to identify them all

Swingline did not make a red stapler prior to the movie Office Space, and the one used in the movie was painted over to become red. Due to demand after the movie release, it was manufactured and is now the most popular item on the Swingline website.

Due to Studio Ghibli's retention of the merchandising rights to Spirited Away. Disney's advertising was limited, and Spirited Away was only mentioned in a small scrolling section on Disney's official website. The promotion of the film was given a worse treatment than Disney's own B-movies.

14-year-old kidnap victim Shawn Hornbeck, while being held captive, Googled himself and found the website his parents set up for his search. He left an anonymous message there -- "How long are you planning to look for your son?" -- but no one knew he had been the author until after his rescue.

Bob Dole's website from his 1996 presidential campaign is still online

Australia's biggest online retailer implemented an "Internet Explorer 7 tax", charging 10% extra for customers visiting the website using Internet Explorer 7. The tax goes up 0.1% for every month since the antiquated browser's release.

Post-war Germany established a Federal Agency to give rigorously non-partisan information to prospective voters and prevent any moves to re-establish a totalitarian regime. It now runs a highly respected, non-partisan ‘Who should I vote for?’ website.

Before Google launched Gmail, "G-Mail" was the name of a free email service offered by Garfield's website.

Courts are increasingly turning to website Urban Dictionary to clarify modern slang language. It has notably been used in a supreme court sexual harrassment case in Tennessee in 2013.

The US government withdrew recommendations to floss from their website because there are so few studies backing up its effectiveness

Wal-Mart had to apologize in 2006 for their website recommending "Martin Luther King: I Have A Dream/Assassination of MLK" as a similar item when customers searched for "Planet of the Apes"

Bill and Melinda Gates funded a website created by Rice University that provides free open-source textbooks for college students

The two forward slashes in website URLs are useless, and Tim Berners-Lee has apologized for it's design.

There is a single hacker who has taken down over 170 Jihadi websites as well as Wikileaks, Lizard Squad, and Westboro Baptist Church.

There's a satirical news website in Romania called "Times New Roman"

There is an entire website dedicated to convincing people that dihydrogen monoxide (water) is a dangerous chemical being covered up by the government.

Through a US government website you can find out how much pharmaceutical companies are bribing your specific doctor

A website that gives online piano lessons for free. Hoffman Academy – Online Piano Lessons for Free

If you die in Amsterdam without anyone attending your funeral, a poet will write a poem for you and recite it at your burial. A biography of their life is also written on their website for anyone to read. They are to remain unnamed.

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websites fact infographic about This website that shows you your true karma (not the fuzzifi
This website that shows you your true karma (not the fuzzified number) and a breakdown of what subreddits it's fromLink in comments on where to see your's

websites fact infographic about Most common HTML elements on the front pages of top 500 webs
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