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  1. Robert Downey Jr largely credits the martial art Wing Chun for helping to maintain his sobriety, as well as helping to keep him "grounded, well and focused".

  2. The style of Kung Fu practiced by Bruce Lee, Wing Chun, was actually invented for women by a woman. It features a narrower stance than other martial arts, focuses on speed and agility instead of strength, and confrontations where the attacker is very close

  3. Robert Downey Jr is an avid practitioner of Wing Chun, which he attributes to helping him maintain his sobriety

  4. Wing Chun Helped Robert Downey Jr. Battle His Drug Addiction

  5. Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun, a form of martial arts. He was 16 when he began to train. He was encouraged to fight in organized fights as opposed to street fights.

  6. Students refused to train with Bruce Lee purely because his mother was half german resulting in private tutoring under Yip Man, the creator of Wing Chun.

  7. Robert Downey Jr. is trained in Wing Chun. Notable users include Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Anderson Silva and Jackie Chan.

  8. Robert Downey Jr learnt Wing Chun from Shifu Eric Oram, who was the teacher of Bruce Lee.

  9. Real Chinese Kung Fu fight looks like this (actual fight begins from 8:00; a retired MMA fighter vs. a top Wing-Chun Kung Fu Master)

  10. in 2018 “One of the four greatest wing chun masters” challenged an MMA fighter during live broadcast television in China. However, despite being knocked down 6 times in a row by the MMA fighter the fight was considered a draw by the referee

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Bruce Lee began training in Wing Chun when he was yet 16 years old under the Wing Chun teacher Yip Man in 1957, after losing a fight with rival gang members.

About Ng Mui and her disciple. Ng Mui was an elder who survived the Qing Dynasty’s burning of the Shaolin Temple. In her travels she met Yim Wing-Chun, a 15 year old promised to marry a warlord. After a year of training, Wing-Chun bested the warlord in combat and secured her freedom.

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