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What is Wise Guy?
  1. The "Do i amuse you?" scene in Goodfellas wasn't in the original script. It was added because Joe Pesci actually saw some wise guy do that to another wise guy.

  2. The Oldest Extant American Hardcore Pornographic Film "A Free Ride," (Speculated to be) from 1917 and Featuring Identities Anonymized by Fake Moustaches and Names (Directed by A. Wise Guy, Filming by Will B. Hard)

  3. Joe Pesci released an album in 1998. Among the listing was the single “Wise Guy”, which references Joe being typecast into roles as gangsters. He want into quasi-retirement shortly after.

  4. Joe Pesci made a serious hip-hop song titled “Wise Guy”

  5. In 1998 Joe Pesci released a rap single called "Wise Guy"

  6. Actor Joe Pesci released a rap single called Wise Guy in 1998

  7. Joe Pesci released a musical album in 1998, including a musical video for his rap song "Wise Guy"

  8. Joe Pesci released his very own rap song titled "Wise Guy" in 1998

  9. In 1998, actor Joe Pesci released a Hip-Hop single called "Wise Guy" in which he emulates Puff Daddy's flow

  10. Wile E Coyote catches Roadrunner only once on the 31st anniversary episode of the series. He then hold up a sign that says "Okay wise guys, you always wanted me to catch him. Now what do I do?"

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Joe Pesci made a rap song "Wise Guy" in 1998

When Doritos redesigned its chips in 1994, it also introduced a new logo, which then VP of tortilla-chip marketing described as "uninhibited and irreverent" like "the spirit and personality of Doritos… If you think of Doritos brand as a person, it would be a likable wise guy."

Certain animal enthusiasts (and wise-guys) are beginning to memorialize road kill with balloons, flowers, and other items similar to human memorials.

Joe Pesci made a rap album in 1998 featuring the song "Wise Guy" and its the greatest kind of bad rap I have ever heard.

Actor Joe Pesci tried a career as a hip-hop artist, releasing rap song Wise Guy in 1998

in 1998, Joe Pesci released a rap single called ‘Wise Guy’ playing the persona of his character in the film ‘Casino’.

In 1998 Joe Pesci released an album, featuring the rap number "Wise Guys".

Joe Pesci has his own music video called "Wise Guy":

Joe Pesci made a Rap song/video titled: Wise Guy

Reddit sponsored the #98 NASCAR of Josh Wise (the Dogecoin car guy) for one race in 2014. Snoo was even on the hood of the car!

In 1998 Joe Pesci released an album called "Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You" featuring a gangster rap song called "Wise Guy" - fact check

Joe Pesci released a musical album in 1998, including a music video for a rap song named "Wise Guys"

Joe Pesci has released several albums, including the rap tune "Wise Guys". - fact check